Tuesday, December 1, 2009

House up for Sale again

We listed the house with Howard Hanna Realtors last week. Today we had the Broker's open which went very well and 13 realtors came through! This past Sunday we had 2 showings. First one likes the house and it's at the top of their list, but have to wait until March/April for the bank to give them a loan. Take a look at the listing. http://www.howardhanna.com/property/property.asp I'm hopeful that with the continued tax credit for first time buyers and the expanded tax credit for current homeowners we'll sell the house. Wish us luck. We had lots of positive comments from the realtors today, and Howard Hanna realtors like to deal w/each other - so maybe 2nd time will be the charm. Katie is home, and has been great in keeping the house up. she helped me to create a photo album showing before and during pictures of the renovations we've made. she's also volunteering at Chardon Library helping with small projects and plans to go there tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to everyone. Can't wait to go to Florida for Christmas!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sad News

I'm sorry to say that Phil's Mom, Helen G. Dolsen, died last Wednesday, Sept 30 at 330pm. Phil, Virginia, Hospice of the Western Reserve's Music Therapist and I were there. Susan was playing and singing "Danny Boy" and Helen slipped away very peacefully. It was perfect to have music playing as she went to be with her husband, Chuck, and the rest of her family that has preceded her. She had fallen and broken her right hip the Thursday before and declined very quickly.

We are very thankful for the care that Hospice of the Western Reserve provided for the past 18 months. They definitely improved her quality of life and were helpful to keep her comfortable once it was decided that surgery wasn't in Helen's best interest. We are also thankful for the good care that Helen received at Residence of Chardon for 3 1/2 years and her last week at Holly Hill Nursing Facility.

Yesterday was the wake at Ritondaro Funeral Home and today the funeral will be at 11am at St Mary's Catholic Church in Chardon. We will go to Calvary Cemetery in Cleveland and to Lock Keepers Inn afterwards for food and fellowship. We hope those that may not be able to come to the funeral, will feel comfortable meeting us at the cemetery and to joining us afterwards.
Phil has been scanning some of the older pictures (that's him in the first one) and we added some of the newer pictures we've taken. Attached is a video for anyone that would like to view. warning: has a lot of MB's. We had the video playing at our house after the wake where we toasted Helen with Jameson's in the Irish tradition to wish her well in her new life in heaven. Thank you to all friends and family that attended.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Step for RN-BSN

Since Phil and I aren't going south this year and I've been accepted to the RN-BSN (Bachelors Science in Nursing) Online program at Jacksonville University in Florida, I decided it would be better to take the Stats class at Lakeland Community College (LCC) now and then start my nursing classes Jan 4, 2010. I need Stats out of the way before I take the 2nd set of nursing classes. I think Stats is going to work out this time. After all this IS my third time to register :) This year they decided to have a tenured track math professor teach it - so I have Don, instead of the person who has been teaching it the past 3 + years. Great for me - so far going well and I got 100% on the first online quiz. I think I'm understanding this and my first class with Don went so much better than my first class with the other teacher 2 years ago. Believe it or not (an my co-workers would believe it) I had kept the notes from my first class from 8/07 so was able to compare between the two teachers. Phil has been great - really wants me to be able to study enough to get a good grade so is willing to do extra for me to be able to do that.

We are going to sail to Erieau, Ontario Canada for Labor Day Weekend starting Friday about 7pm and get there about 2am - enough time to be able to sleep after we get there and get up the next day (it will feel like the next day) ready to go. I'm planning on getting Thursday's homework done on Saturday while most in the group from Grand River Yacht Club are sailing over Saturday. In fact I got an email from Karen of "Whippoorwill" saying that some of the Port Stanley Sailing Squadron are going be to there also. Will be nice to see them again. We expect to return on Monday. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a motor sail there and back.

Phil has made a plate/utensil/silverware holder from cherry wood and has installed it in the Galley. I haven't seen it yet, but plan to take a picture of it and post when I have a chance. I'll take my laptop with me to check out how it works with wireless in Canada, so maybe can post before the end of the weekend.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend. Glad that it's to be nice weather. Text me if you need me on the cell phone.

BTW - have turned off our land line - so need to call us, use our cell phones.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wait Till Next Season

It looks like we'll be waiting until next season before leaving to cruise to Florida or the Bahamas. Haven't got an offer on the house - too late in the season to go even if we did ship the boat to Florida. So I have taken this opportunity to take the Stats class at Lakeland Community College. This semester there is a man, Donald Davis, that is teaching instead of Debbie, who has taught it for the past 3 years. Maybe a good omen.

Phil is busy making me a plate, utensil, and silverware holder out of cherry that will be attached to the bulkhead above the sink. So far it's looking great. He's in the glueing stage.

WE are also getting quote to have a bathroom put into the first floor. Had the 3rd contractor come today. We are deciding whether to have a full bath or half bath. Will have to wait for the designs, but think that it's going to have to be a half-bath to save room in the downstairs bedroom.

We did have someone look at the house today - still hoping against hope that will get an offer from someone!! Of course we have many discussions about how long to keep the house on the market and when to take it off to have the bathroom put in. Decisions decisions.

Well need to rest up - as Stats start tomorrow - 6p - 750pm on Tues and Thursdays.

My dad may a rug to fit into Changes - looks great and fits perfect. Thanks Dad!!! Haven't gotten a picture yet of it in it's spot - but will get one this weekend.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Past Month visiting family

http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=27786&id=1451473324&l=4197cc5dde is a link to photos from our travels this past month on vacation and visiting with Phil's daughter's family.  

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Phil transport update

I heard from Louisa, Captain Dave's friend, yesterday evening.  They have had 3 days of thunderstorms, but are doing ok and past them.  Because the boat S/V Attitude is part of a race, there is a web site that you can track their progress.   It is:http://maps.iboattrack.com/m/cz/map?vessels=_ALL_VESSELS&history=Latest_position&v_scope=M2B_TB
Click on  the Vessel drop down top right and click on Attitude.  Depending on the button you click on after that, can tell how fast they are going and how far they've gone - This morning at 535am they had gone 479 nm , current boat speed was 7.1 knots - so they are flying.  Phil said the trip was 600nm so I figure they have at 7 knots a little more than 17 hours to they get to land.    What a nice feature.  

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Practice Docking - Phil and another transport

Friday, Phil and I went out so that I could practice stopping Changes using the reverse on the engine.  I've not felt comfortable docking Changes last summer and wanted to get better at it.  We were lucky to find a floating plastic water bottle in Fairport Harbor that I was able to use to determine how well I was stopping when I wanted to.  I got much more comfortable and then we went out for a great sail with winds from the N 7-9 knots.  Then I docked Changes - doing pretty good I thought.

Today, Phil Waddle and Terri Pogolzelski went out with me.  It was very different as the winds were from the S to SSW 10 - 20 knots.  So I got practice stopping at the "C" mark with the wind trying to blow me away from it, which sometimes happens when docking a boat.  After several tries, Terri was able to touch the mark for a period of time long enough for if she had to jump off at the dock.  Success!!  We then went for a sail - just letting out the jib.  We let it out all the way - so was #1 - we definitely had too much sail out, so the Phil rolled it up to the #2 mark.  That was much better and with no main sail up -we got up to 7.6 knots - but mostly 6.5 - 7 knots - which is screaming for Changes.   We motored up the river and I was able to dock the boat ok.  Next time I'll have to get a little closer to the dock - but definitely I have more confidence docking Changes.  BTW, This was the first time that I have taken Changes out and Phil wasn't on the boat.  I'm feeling proud of myself and much more confident.

Talking about Phil,  he and Captain Dave, w/a guy that was on the boat for the race down, have left Bermuda today and expect to make Mystic, CT on July 2.  Louisa, Captain Dave's girlfriend called me tonight and gave me a brief update.  The wind was behind them and all was well.  Dave is planning on calling on Tuesday with an update and then Louisa will call me.  They are transporting a Benateau 367 (i think is the length) back from a race down to Bermuda.  

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tuesday Night Race

I am racing on Tuesday night for North Coast Women's Sailing Association out of Edgewater Yacht Club on "Trivial Pursuit" to hone up some of my sailing skills.  We would have been 3rd if we had finished the race but we didn't make the 2 hour time limit - though "Celebration" did.  Check out the video made of the event.  I'm the one with the red lift jacket on Trivial Pursuit.  http://videos.cleveland.com/plain-dealer/2009/06/sailboat_racing_cleveland_race.html    I'm on at 2:31. Don't blink or you'll miss me. Earlier in the video, Megan is the girl sitting on the bow pulpit - she races on "Providence" which at Grand River Yacht Club.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Binnacle Cover and Lee Cloth

Phil and I started making making a Binnacle cover working on it all morning this past weekend.  I don't have any pictures of it - yet.  Saturday, I took some of the velum that I got from my Dad - that he had gotten from work.  Usually I use the velum for paper piecing for my quilts, but in this case, I used it to make a pattern.  It worked well because it's stiff and the sunbrella fabric is also stiff.  We have decided not to cover the wheel because when at anchor or at a dock, we take the wheel off to make more room in the cockpit.  Then Sunday morning I got the Viking sewing machine out on the table that Phil made to put up in the cockpit and sewed - Phil helping to hold up the extra fabric. WE're getting pretty good about this - so don't think there was many "words" between us.  I got the darts sewed and the front and back sewed together.  Then we stopped and went sailing about 130pm.  After about a hour of sailing, I went below and took a nap and promptly went to sleep.  Phil said - we're tacking - I went over to the other settee and went back to sleep, not waking up until we were in the harbor and it being about 4pm or so.  It's been awhile since I had such a good nap.  It was a great sail with the winds from the north about 7-9 knots.

This evening after Phil treated me to supper at Sammy's in Grand River, I decided to work on the binnacle cover some more.  Phil went to "Abby Marie" and talked with Dan Christian, then Paul Canfield on "Tachyon" tied up and Pete Fluhr came down from their condo.  Oh! and Bud and Jack w/daughters Meghan and Hannah from "Providence" arrived too.  It's great at GRYC and usually there is someone to visit with.  

Back on track now - I cut the hole for the post or axle that the wheel is attached to and cut down the center of the fabric below to the edge.  I sewed on some fabric to edge the hole and also to sew the 2" wide velcro.  When it came time to sew on the velcro -I realized that Phil bought the hook part but not the loop part.  Oops!   Pete came to the rescue saying that he has a source that we can order it tomorrow morning and get it delivered to his company down the road across the river 4 hours later - so we will take him up on it.  The cover is now usable even though not complete and we left it on the binnacle - looks like it will be easy to velcro it together even with the wheel on.  I'll probably finish it when Phil is on his trip transporting a boat from the Bahamas.  He leave Saturday morning early!!!!  He's to get back at the latest July 3 - Captain Dave is renting a car and they are driving home from Mystic, Conn.

Now the Lee Cloth - Phil made a batten and also the lee cloth for the port settee.  We want to make sure our 2yr 7 mo grandson, Henry, doesn't fall out when sleeping when we go on vacation.  Phil also plans to use this as a storage area when we are cruising.  He also made it from the sunbrella that we use for the main sail cover and binnacle cover.  Looks good and he left enough room that if I get seasick bad, I can still lay in the settee and have enough room for my head to pitch into a bucket.  We mock tried it out and I think will work well.

I'll try to get some pictures and add them later to this post.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boat sewing projects

I have my Viking sewing machine fixed and at the boat.  First project is to make a binnacle cover. I'll be making one that doesn't cover the steering wheel as we like to take it off when we are at the dock or at anchor.  2nd project to make lee cloth for the port settee - 3rd project is to make our cloth and cloth covered plastic dividers so that we can put our clothes on the shelf about the settees and be able to hold them in place without having to put them in duffel bags or plastic totes.  I have an idea on something I think will work - but will require both Phil and I to design.  Also Phil has got out the Bimini pipe frame that he bought years and years ago.  so our 4th project is to make a Bimini with it's cover.  It's a 2-person job to set it up and determine where everything goes.  If the weather is good enough, I think that we'll check it out on Saturday.  Phil realized on his trip from St. Thomas that it's important for the person at helm to be able to be out of the sun.

My father is making a cotton rug for the salon to go at the bottom of the companion way stairs.  He sent me some pictures to show how it looks - not very far yet, but I talked to him today and he's about third of the way done.  It was great that we were able to go out to Walmart and get the fabric making the choices together.  I made some choices that he wouldn't have thought to pick, but it's turning out well.  He hopes to have it done in August.  Also on the plans in the future is to make a another rug - a runner that will have cut outs to fit around the mast and the "legs" of the table.   The top two pictures show the fabric in the order that they go into the rug, and the bottom 2 pictures show the rug after going thru the fabric 1 time.

Waiting for the House to Sell

Our realtor stopped by today.  Good news and bad news.  Good news is that there are 6 houses in the Chardon zip code that are in the same price range that we are.  The bad news is that there are over 200 houses for sale.  I think that it's also good news that the majority of them are priced higher than our house.  There are people that are interested in buying, but have to sell their house, so she thinks that when it gets to be the Sept/Oct - that people will realize that the $8,000 tax credit is going to disappear Dec 1 (i think) and they better buy a house.  She think houses will sell like dominoes - I hope she's right.  I do feel better after her visit.  Like I told Phil, if it's meant for us to go cruising, the house will sell.     Our realtor did mention that there are several houses that have a contracts on a contingent basis - and many of these are short sells - which means that they are offering less than the outstanding loan on the house, so the banks has to approve these types of contracts.  
My friend Debbie N. says that I should bury Saint Thomas by my front door with his feet towards the road.  Anyone have a Saint Thomas statute???  just kidding.

Monday, June 15, 2009

ST6001 Installation Project Part II

The next step is to build and install a mount for the end of the linear drive.  In the picture the linear drive is mounted to a 1/2 inch aluminum plate that is in turn mounted to two black walnut blocks epoxied to the hull.  The blocks are epoxied with west system and two layers of 28 oz fiberglass cloth.  After this set up cured, the Corepack and control head were mounted on the boat and all the wires were connected to the terminal strip on the corepack.  The compass also was mounted next to the water tank on the port side of the boat and its wires connected to the corepack.  Then I wired the the Garmin 545 GPS NEMA output to the Corepack.  After all the equipment was connected and powered up, I went through the dockside commissioning.

The next day 6/17  I took Changes out on Lake Erie for her sea trials.  This included setting the compass deviation and rudder gain.  After this set up I raised the sails and went for a sail in a 12 knot wind.  The ST6001 autopilot system performed well and seemed to require minimum movement of the helm to keep the boat on course.  Once the sails were put away and we were motoring up the river the autopilot drove the boat with occasional input from me, the on watch person. 

ST6001 Installation Project

After the tiller arm is installed the next step is the rudder angle transducer.  In the above picture the rudder angle transducer is mounted on the T shaped wooden block and the connecting rod is set up so the tiller arm and rudder angle transducer are parallel.  The connecting rod is attached to the tiller arm at 5.5 inches from the rudder post center.  

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Katie getting ready for College

Katie and I drove to Dayton, OH Thursday night so that we could register her for college this fall. We had a busy day at Sinclair Community College. In the morning she had her placement testing. Turns out that the tests are harder and longer than at Lakeland Community College. Then we had lunch and visited her Academic Advisor, Susan. Katie wants to go to Wright State Univ for her Junior and Senior year, so Susan had the information Katie needed to get her Associates in Biology. We also found out that the Intro to Psych and Comparative Religion classes she's taking at Lakeland this summer will also transfer and count.

We were very lucky in the afternoon. Everywhere that we needed to go, there was no or minimal line and when we left there was a long line. We went to register her - visit the Office of Disabilities, and was able to speak to Tony about getting a referral to doctors in this area instead of waiting until an August appt. We also got any paperwork needed for her physicians to fill out. Next we went to Career Services - and found out that there is a chance that she'll be able to get a job on campus for the fall. Important for her to be in Dayton mid-August so that she is available for interviews - so looks like we'll be moving her down August 15. The freshman orientation lasted 1hr 10 min instead of 2 hrs, so we were able to go to Admissions for a Sinclair College Catalog and then visit the Library. Tuition is due August 28 and classes start Sept 9 and end Nov 25 as they are on the Quarter system instead of semesters.

Everyone was very friendly - Katie felt very welcomed and seems happy going there. When we were on an elevator, a student gave us the tips to have a specific English prof but not these two - for Math to have so and so, but NOT so and so, so she was able to have the good teachers for her classes. She's taking English, Math, Biology and a freshman intro class. 15 cred hrs, which will be plenty with her also having to work.

We both were tired of walking by the end of the day, but have everything accomplished that we needed to have done.

We decided to stay overnight w/my parents instead of coming home - so had supper w/my sister Cheryl and Desmond that my Dad fixed and then are going over to her house today for Desmond's 11th birthday party. Glad that we can stay, though it means we are missing the Grand River Sailing Club Cruising Picnic today. Phil will hold up the fort while I'm gone.

Tomorrow is "Changes" day for race committee - so I'm hoping that there are light winds so I don't get sick bobbing around on the lake.

Our plan is to leave Dayton late this afternoon and get home mid to late evening as it's a 4 hr drive.

BTW, I have given Phil access to post on this blog - and encouraged him to post, as he's doing a lot of work on the under deck autopilot - has it working I understand. So maybe he needs your encouragement to write.

Monday, June 8, 2009

What Lorraine is doing

I understand that I am talking too much about what Phil is doing to get ready.  Well, I have order 8 screens and 8  Solid Fruit roll sheet so that I can take all the tomato products except the salsa and dry them on my dehydrator.  That way they'll take up less room on the boat and I won't waste the items that I have canned.  I may be doing this with some of the fruit/veggies in the freezer.  I ordered them yesterday, so hope to get them by next week at the latest.

I have also been driving Phil nuts by wanting to have the house at a higher level of cleanliness than he thinks is required for selling the house.  The house was shown last Thursday, and the autoshowing service stated "no feed back" provided.  This is a disappointment for me.  I want the house to sell!!  so we can live on the boat this summer and pay off some bills. 

Phil and I went shopping for a new watch for me for my birthday that has this countdown feature and is also an atomic  clock so that it has GPS time.  But he won't let me use it for the North Coast Women's Sailing association race that I am crewing on tomorrow night.  Oh well.  

We charted out all the storage places on Changes Saturday afternoon and now have to decide what is most important to take with us, and what needs to be stored and what to get rid of.  The Viking sewing machine will be fixed tomorrow and Phil is kind enough to pick it up for me.  I want to keep it on Changes so that I can make the binnacle cover and other items needed on Changes.

For now, I need to go to sleep so that I can do well on my job tomorrow.  Have a nice evening.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ray Marine ST6000 Autohelm Project

Hi,  Phil has been working the past week to install the under the deck autopilot on Changes.  Attached is a picture of the tiller arm installed.  Phil had it made from Aluminum bar stock instead of ordering it - save several hundred dollars and it's very sturdy.  He made a mock up from wood and then took it to a guy in town who made it up.  Tomorrow he is fiberglassing some parts to the hull.   This has turned into quite a project, but so necessary for us to go cruising in September.   

We participated in a just for fun race today.  Half the group went on the "B" course - and others (us included) went on the "A" course.     We didn't hear the race announced on the radio.  That's ok - the "A" course was  close reach, so we were able to head for the marks instead of tacking - much more fun in my opinion.  I steered the entire race, so good experience for me.  Was really nice - expected 5 knot winds and instead were from 10 - 20 knots.  Afterwards, we have hot dogs and other food that was brought for a nice lunch.  A fun time was had by all. Next Sunday we are race committee boat, so I'm hoping for South winds which will give me no waves.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Sail for 2009

Phil and I went for our first sail this past Saturday, May 30.  It was very nice - now waves and winds 5- 6 knots.  Just my type of first sail.  I don't know exactly how long we were out miles wise, but time wise about 2 hours.  Didn't race the next day as I had too much to do at home.  Tomorrow is potluck at GRYC - guess it's Mexican night - so will have to see what to bring besides my home made salsa.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phil Preparing Storage Area

Phil's friend, Kay, has been kind to offer us a unused stall in her horse barn to store our stuff while cruising.  In return, Phil is building her a tack room.  I think he's mostly done with the tackroom and the re-wiring of electricity.  Then he'll start on making a storage shelf to make maximum use of the 12' x 12' x 9' tall space.  He'll use 2x4's for the frame and boards of rough cut black walnut and cherry that we wanted to keep, as the shelving to lay items on.  Kills 2 birds with one stone.   I know I'm not using the correct terms, but I hope you get the idea.  "Changes" is in the water, the floor sole is varnished and put back in.  Phil has ordered some stainless steel flat bar stock to make one of the chain plates longer as a result of getting the rigging fixed.  He still needs to put the autopilot in.  He has the Garmin 545 GPS installed and there is tons of other things to do.

My sister Cheryl and her husband Jeff have offered their home in Dayton as a place for Katie to live and go to Sinclair Community College this fall. (Aren't they great!) When we were in Dayton this past weekend, she had an opportunity to see the college and she likes what she sees.  So now she has applied and we are working on getting an appointment to talk to an Academic Advisor, do the Freshman tour and hopefully register for classes.   This college is highly rated and very reasonable - less expensive than Lakeland Community College, but a quality place to go and transfer to many other places in Ohio.  Wright State Univ in Dayton could be an option to complete her 4 years.

We lost electricity yesterday, and after Phil looked at the electric panel (has the breakers in there), I called the electric company about the electric outage.  They came - flipped the main breakers - low and behold - electricity was back on.  The good thing is Joe (CEI man) liked the house - noticed it's for sale- we got to talking (I never do that :)  ) I gave him a tour top to bottom and the back yard- he knows our friends Phil Waddle and George Schlauch (works with them) - and he went home with more information to show his wife.  He needs to sell his house in Madison, OH, but he loves century homes and seem to like mine.  We'll see what happens, but I would love to sell him this home.  We've had over 2000 "hits" on the web sights that our realtor has the house listed on.  All it take is one good bid.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New St. Thomas Pictures

Here are some more pictures of Phil on his trip.  Today Phil and friend, Kay Herdman had lunch together.  She has been kind to make a deal with us to store some of our belongings in her empty 12' x 12' empty horse stall if Phil builds her a tack room.  Thank you Kay!!  

Today they went to Carter Lumber and brought back much lumber using her truck. It was piled high. Phil has the frames up and also the sheeting up today. It's inside her barn so no need to put a roof on, thought it will have a ceiling.  Tomorrow he goes back to insert wiring for electricity.  He thinks that he'll need to re-wire the entire barn.  Phil also got lumber to make shelves so we can maximize the usage of the space.  He'll use the black walnut from the tree cut down in our back yard  for "decking" on the shelves - killing two birds w/one stone.  

Sunday we have scheduled an open house.  We lowered the price a little, hoping it will create more interest.  It would be wonderful if we could live on the boat a couple months this summer.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Phil's Home

I picked Phil up at CLE airport about 530pm yesterday.  His plane was on time, we got his baggage first off the plane and I got there late enough so that we were able to not pay parking.  He was hungry/  All he had to "eat" for breakfast and lunch was coffee and they didn't have any food to buy on the plane, so we stopped at Bahama Breeze for supper.  Definitely was in need for a shower - so that was top priority when we got home.  He had lots of stories to tell and now I have an official St. Patrick's day T-shirt from St.  Thomas to wear next year for St Patty's day.  Now to get back to work on clearing out his stuff in the garage, get the boat in the water and so on.  Hear tell that Captain Dave loves Phil as crew.  WE all know how Phil fixes things (used this skill many times on this trip) and knows how to sail.    

Monday, May 4, 2009

Phil in Albany, NY

They had a nice trip up the Hudson River today and docked at the marina about 730pm.  They arrived at low tide and after powering thru some mud - got into 20' water.  Phil says is a narrow river kind of like at Port Dover in Canada.  After a sundowner, they will be going out to eat at a local restaurant.  Of course they have showers, so I'm sure that will be on the plan tomorrow morning at the latest.  The plan is for the crew change tomorrow.  Jim and Phil will be renting a car to get to an airport with Phil arriving home Wednesday early evening at Cleveland Airport.  It will take at least another week for the boat to arrive at it's final destination in Erie, PA.  BTW, starting tomorrow, Phil will have his cell phone on since they have good signal where he is and he can also charge up his phone.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Phil at NY Harbor

I heard  from Phil tonight.  His cell phone worked from 8 miles out.  When we stopped talking, they had made it to the beginning of the shipping channel.  They are doing ok.  It's was 25-30 knot winds the first 3 days and they were sailing 8-9 knots/hr and water coming over the boat.  Phil did not get sea sick as he took Bonine the first 3 days, and then later he was ok when it got rough again.  Phil's lucky as the quarter berth is a dry berth as everywhere else there were leaks.  Tonight Captain Dave and Phil will be alternating 3 hr watches to get them thru New York City Harbor to the Albany River.  Jim is not experienced enough sailor for this part of the trip.  They expect to get to Albany NY on Tuesday.  Phil hopes to get home Friday at the latest, but he may be needed to transport the boat via the Erie Canal to Erie, PA.  I know that Captain Dave was on the phone when Phil was talking to me trying to work out the crew part.  Glenn, I let him know to give you a call if he stays on the boat.  Phil has been glad for the experience and I'm glad that Louisa called me both times.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Making good time from St. Thomas

I have heard from Louisa, Captain Dave's girlfriend, today and the men are making good time  the sailboat.  Nice to have the satellite phone. They are currently at 35.14N 72.22W (about as far north as Cape Hatteras) and with less than 350 miles to go, expect to make it to New York Harbor by Sunday evening.  Everything is going smoothly since they left St. Thomas.  We are having an open house on Sunday 1230p to 230p so hope that someone likes the house to make an offer.  It is Maple Festival this weekend, so hope it's a good decision to have the open house when there are a lot of people going by.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Captain Dave, Phil and Tim making good time

I heard from Captain's girlfriend, Louisa, yesterday.  They are making good time - at 20N 69W (though I thought they would be further north myself).  They are 775 mi to go til at NY harbor.  Everything is going well, and Louisa will hear from Captain Dave using the satellite phone on Friday.  She said they expect to get to NY Harbor by May 5 or 6.  It was good to hear about them and know that everything is going smoothly since they have been underway.

On a side note, having a open house on Sunday during the Maple Festival that is being held this weekend.  It'll be 1230 - 230pm so that people will still be able to drive as at 3pm the parade starts.  We are so close to Chardon Square that this is a consideration.  Last showing said it was beautiful listing, so hopefully they will decide after looking at other houses that they want mine.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Phil Still in St. Thomas

Hi everyone,  

This trip isn't going as planned.  They left St. Thomas Tuesday, but then the autopilot stopped working and a part broke that attaches the main sheet to the boom.  They turn around after 30 miles from the marina, and went back.  The weather wasn't good - very choppy  so that Phil got sea sick.  (He hardly ever gets sea sick and has bought bonine and been taking it before he goes to bed to be prepared for when they leave)  Captain Sherry has decided to fly back home, and expects to leave tomorrow.  Captain Dave has found another person to crew, who should arrive tomorrow - also having problems with the refrigeration system - part should arrive tomorrow. Best that the refrigeration problem happened now and not when they were underway.   Phil has a another cold, but the good news is he had eggs over easy for breakfast and ribs for lunch.  The current plan is to leave on Saturday.  Also good news is that Captain Dave is very generous and lets Phil call me using his cell phone (doesn't cost any minutes on his plan), so I've been able to talk to Phil every day.  

Other good news that Phil doesn't know is that someone is scheduled to look at the house Saturday @ 1130am.  I'll be working Saturday, but am off tomorrow, so hope to finish painting the ceiling of the back patio. 

It's a busy time - The Grand River Yacht Club is having a Wild West Murder Mystery Potluck Saturday, so Katie and I are making me a costume.  Katie was great in cutting  out the fabric pieces for the dress, apron and bonnet patterns. We have spent the evening each sewing on separate sewing machines.  I've been sewing on the Viking and Katie on my Pfaff.  I have the dress done except for making buttons and button holes (have to use the Pfaff for that).  Katie is working on the apron - and is almost to the point of gathering the skirt onto the bodice. A few more steps after that and then there is the bonnet to make.  I'm going all out!!  :)   

Phil doesn't expect to be back now until May 9 or 10 at the earliest.  Time will tell.  I guess this is good experience for him and an exercise in being adaptable.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Phil in St. Thomas - Bon Voyage!

Phil called me this morning.  His luggage arrived at the boat last night at 930pm.  They routed his luggage on American Airlines thru Miami so that it arrived in St. Thomas about 830pm  yesterday and they delivered it to him at the boat.  What a relief!

They are getting ready to cast off this morning.  Just waiting to be checked out by the Marina.  Their plan is to sail NW until they get to Cape Hatteras area( they expect to take 5-6 days and be about 200 miles off in the Atlantic Ocean).  Then they will point directly towards NY City as much as the winds allow.  Typically the winds will be coming from the NW once they get that far north, which will be on the nose.  That's Captain Dave's problem.  Lets just hope there aren't any storms.

One cool thing on this boat, is that the settees have a slide out that makes the bunk 4-5"wider for sleeping.  Really cool Phil says.  I say - can we do something like that on Changes for the Port Settee?  Phil says a lot of work we'll see.   Well it was worth a try right??

I will not hear for Phil for about 10 days while they are at sea.  I'm glad that I could talk to him 3 times since he left.  Bon Voyage!  Safe travels!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Phil in St. Thomas

Phil left this morning to go to St. Thomas to crew to bring back a Hinckley 42' sailboat.  He got there ok, but the airline lost his luggage, so we hope that it will be delivered to him in the boat tomorrow.  They were originally gong to leave tomorrow morning, but will be postponing departure by one day.

Phil, Katie, and I were busy this weekend painting the front porch, and the wood on the back patio.  We painted the vertical and horizontal 2 x 4's Saturday - as it was in the 70's.  Today I started painting the wood overhang and under the gutters.  When that was done, I started on the ceiling and by late afternoon had half of it done.  

We also had the Grand River Sailing Club Cruising meeting, so we are all set up for a great summer of cruising to Port Stanley, Erieau, and other great places on Lake Erie.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Phil preparing Changes

Phil decided to go down to where "Changes" is on the hard.  He brought his trailer full of things(water hoses and what not) to work on the boat but forgot to bring the cordless drill.  Figures that with all the stuff that you need to get the boat ready to go in the water, he forgot that.  This is when Phil really misses the Suburban.  use to be he could put everything int he suburban and keep it there until he was all done.  Harder to do that with the open trailer.

He was able to wash Changes and found that there are some stains on the red paint.  He's working on deciding what to use as the Awl Grip paint products don't get all the stains off.  Phil needed the drill to remove the sole (floor) so that he can varnish it.  He had removed the shelf that he had made in the quarter berth and has modified it to fit the ham radio on it.  While it was out, he varnished it.  Phil also got some aluminum bar stock in the mail to make the  arm that attaches to the rudder for the under the deck autohelm.  I'm sure there is a proper name for it, but I can't think of what it is.

Won't be long until the boat goes in the water.  That will wait until Phil gets back from his trip transporting a Hinckley 42'  from St. Thomas to Albany, NY.  The captain Dave Block, expects it to take about 9 days going at 6 knots/hr.  Then the boat will go to Erie, PA.  WE have to get him to the airport at 430am, so it's going to be an early morning.  Phil says all I have to do is get up - I can sleep on the way to the airport (1 hr drive), drive the car home and go back to sleep.  I may do that as I've been up at 4:30am 3 times this week.

Our friends Jack and Sue are back from their winter on the catamaran.  It was great to see them at Capps Restaurant on Tuesday.  Hope everyone is well.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Phil to Detroit

Phil is going to Detroit, MI tomorrow to pick up the improved rigging that got fixed at Offshore Spars.  They had to inspect and refurbish the navtec rigging and replaced one cracked end.  He hopes to get there by 11am - pick up the items have lunch and return in time for us to go to Capp's Restaurant.  I know that Phil was happy with the price that he paid, which was cheaper than getting new rigging by far.   He is all prepacked - and ready to go, just like the staging when going on the next leg in a journey.   Saturday, Phil worked on descaling the Yanmar diesel 2QM20  with the Rydlime - was pretty black he said when using his pump - that moved the liquid very slowly.  Today he started the engine and pump out more black liquid out and then it started to run clear.  We'll see how it works this summer as we were having problems with it running hot.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Realtor Openhouse

Well the realtors had their open house today from 11am - 2pm.  Phil didn't wake Katie (she sleeps in late like most teenagers) so she was still asleep when they came.  Someone did visit the house this afternoon (both Katie and Phil were out) and liked it except for the carpet in Katie's room (needs to be replaced) and the back patio (needs to be painted).  Didn't say all the work was done on the house.  So we'll see what happens, but I'm encouraged that they showed the house to someone today.  Now we need an offer.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The front porch and basement door

No pictures for today's projects - yet.  A week ago or so, I ordered a new door to go in the side entrance into the house into the basement.  I think this door was there when we move in in 1973.  It came in a few days ago and Phil put it in today.  Now we have a new door - it opens very easily and looks good.  No window, as we have a motion sensor light switch and if have too much light, it doesn't work.  Phil plans to paint it white.  I had ordered a white door, but turns out their white is cream colored.  Still need to put weather stripping on to keep the cold air out but that's a minor job.

I also worked on scrapping the loose paint off the floor of the front porch.  I had the shop vac in use as I used a paint scrapper.  Luckily, I didn't have to do the whole front porch, but from the door to the steps and around the edges.  Phil is planning on replacing some of the wood that has dry rotted.  We will have to wait until it's >50F for 3 days before we can paint so it has time to cure

Next project is to get the 3rd floor bedroom and sewing room ready to be shown.  I signed the papers to list the house with  Linda DiPietro of Keller Willams Realty.  She sold Phil's last two homes.  Tuesday is the day when the realtors view the home.  I hope they have their boots, because they are predicting snow, and with us being in the heart of the snowbelt, I'm sure that we'll get some.  Katie plans to spend the time in the library, since we all have to be out of the house.  I'll be at work and I don't know where Phil will hang out.  Maybe at the library too.  Wish us luck that it sells quickly and close to our asking price.

Here are pictures of my sewing room.  I will have to clean up a little more.   Much less items in there before we got this far.  I had a colleague from work come this afternoon so that I could help her with making a quilt for her new granddaughter, so the table in front of my pfaff 1473CD sewing machine is cleared off now.  Maybe I'll take another picture tomorrow when I get the rest of it cleared.  The lace curtains are a new addition.  I took them off the dining room windows and use them in the sewing room.  I'm happy with the results.  The rocking chair was a gift from my mother and sisters, and makes a very welcome place to rock for me or my visitors.

Pictures of the living room.  the Valence in the 3rd picture is a new addition and is on the living room, dining room and kitchen windows.  What a bargain - I bought these a few years ago on clearance at Jo Ann Fabrics and had just enough to do many windows.  Wish I had some more.

Katie repainting the corner in her room.  the story behind this is:  Phil and Katie painted the corner that covers the chimney - we didn't paint this when we painted her room.  I was at work and they couldn't find the matching color, so used the color paint that I used over the fireplace in the living room.  Looked better than the original color, but Katie and Phil didn't want to repaint her entire bedroom.  I later found the matching color in her room. So yesterday, Phil edged the area, and Katie filled in with the roller.  She also touched up the other walls, so now her room looks much better.  Picture will be forthcoming when her room is in better shape.

This is the first floor bedroom - ready to show.  The realtors come on Tuesday mid day to look.  I would like to put up some simple valences.  The quilt is one that Rachel and Katie along with friends Robin and Lindsay Cryer made when they were between the ages of 11 - 8 years.  They sewed the blocks into strips and I sewed the strips into the quilt.  They signed their name and ages.  We made 2 of them that are similar.  One for Rachel and Robin and the other by Katie and Lindsay.  

The top picture is the stairs after being sanded and varished.  Pretty good job.  Thanks Phil.  The rest of the pictures is of the first floor bedroom before picked up for showing house.  Look for next post.  Most of the stuff on the bed is sailing items.

Making our new Feruke (Awning)

At the end of our vacation in July 2008, we spent Thursday and Friday at Grand River Yacht Club making a new feruke (the white awning) for "Changes".  Our old blue one like the cover that goes over the forward hatch, was getting pretty well worn,  so we decided to use the old #1 genoa sail instead of buying sunbrella fabric.  I sat on the floor using my Viking Sewing machine that has low gear. Phil assisted by helping to move the fabric along as I sewed.  It was definitely a job for two and Phil got really good moving the fabric in time with how fast I sewed.    

The top 2 pictures show us laying out the old one feruke on top of the new one so we could trace it onto the sail fabric.  We improved the old feruke by cutting it big enough to have 12+" of fabric to hang down on the port, aft, and starboard sides and 4" that hung down on the forward edge to protect better from when the sun goes down.  We also have plans to take the extra sail material and make detachable panels that can hang down attaching using the same hardward we used for the tan mainsail cover.   I also wanted some fabric handing on the forward part of the awning, so that we could hang some more fabric there in case the sun was coming down directly over the bow.   An additional improvement from the old feruke was using a zipper to attach the 2 big separate pieces aft of the end of the boom that went around the topping lift and using extra fabric to provide reinforcement about same topping lift.  Now that we have used it a few times, we are really glad to put in the zipper instead of using velcro.  We like having the white fabric - get a lot more light in the salon.  It is water proof, but we found one morning, that the underside can have heavy condensation with high humidity.  We bought some chamois plus at the Cleveland Boat Show, which we think will be better for absorbing the moisture than towels. You can see a couple views of the finished product in the last 2 pictures. 

Another project is to add SS (stainless steel) plates under the lifeline stantion bases.  The stantion bases have a small area on the inside of the tow rail pushing down on the fiberglass deck.  The force on the small area causes jellcoat cracks.  With the added area of the ss plates this problem is fixed.  As part of the job I designed a screw driver holder using a lead brick that I have as shown in the top picture.  To make the stantion bases look there best, I primed and painted them flat black.

It is Springtime and I am working on Changes to get her ready for the coming season and to have her as ready as possible to go South to saltwater.  The first job is to change the bottom paint from SR21, a paint for only fresh water to Vivid, one that will work in both fresh and saltwater.  The color is red as shown in the pictures.

Daffodils Anyone?

We had so many daffodils that we used many plastic grocery bags loaded into a wheelbarrow so that we could sell and give them away.  We were pretty successful and here are a couple pictures of the new plant grouping.  The daffodils are done blooming to Katie helped me to tie the greenery so it looked nice but still would be able to build strength in the bulbs.  It's been a hard winter, so I hope that the plants have survived.  Time will tell.

Friday, April 3, 2009

We had to do some sailing to take a break from the house.  Here is a picture of us on Changes with Katie.  Last summer was a good summer sailing.

Above are pictures of the flower beds surrounding the house.  As you can see, they are a little overgrown and doesn't improve the curb appeal - so we worked out taking out extra plants and putting them in a wheel barrel for anyone that wanted them.  Then we went to a nursery to pick out plants.  We found a nursery that made a plan for us if we bought most of our plants there.

These are pictures of my family, top picture is my mother and her brother, Dale. The color of the paint on the wall is close to what it really is. Then Phil, my niece, Heather and in the foreground, my daughter Katie.  I have included these pictures so that you can see the walls after they were painted.   I painted the wall above the fireplace a different color than the walls for added interest.  BTW, the quilt above the fireplace is appliqued cala lilies that my other made.  The wood stove is inserter into the fireplace - and really keeps the house warm.  Phil made the green wood box to hold the firewood we burn.