Saturday, April 4, 2009

The front porch and basement door

No pictures for today's projects - yet.  A week ago or so, I ordered a new door to go in the side entrance into the house into the basement.  I think this door was there when we move in in 1973.  It came in a few days ago and Phil put it in today.  Now we have a new door - it opens very easily and looks good.  No window, as we have a motion sensor light switch and if have too much light, it doesn't work.  Phil plans to paint it white.  I had ordered a white door, but turns out their white is cream colored.  Still need to put weather stripping on to keep the cold air out but that's a minor job.

I also worked on scrapping the loose paint off the floor of the front porch.  I had the shop vac in use as I used a paint scrapper.  Luckily, I didn't have to do the whole front porch, but from the door to the steps and around the edges.  Phil is planning on replacing some of the wood that has dry rotted.  We will have to wait until it's >50F for 3 days before we can paint so it has time to cure

Next project is to get the 3rd floor bedroom and sewing room ready to be shown.  I signed the papers to list the house with  Linda DiPietro of Keller Willams Realty.  She sold Phil's last two homes.  Tuesday is the day when the realtors view the home.  I hope they have their boots, because they are predicting snow, and with us being in the heart of the snowbelt, I'm sure that we'll get some.  Katie plans to spend the time in the library, since we all have to be out of the house.  I'll be at work and I don't know where Phil will hang out.  Maybe at the library too.  Wish us luck that it sells quickly and close to our asking price.

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