Wednesday, February 24, 2010

college - Lorraine and Katie

Hi everyone,

Well, I'm almost done with my first nursing class. I got my teaching plan back and I'm very happy with my grade. Just have to study and take my final before Sunday and I'm done. Then I start my nursing assessment class on Monday, which I think I'm going to like more than this first one.

I've heard from Katie, and I'm proud to say that she is going to her classes and doing what's necessary to be successful at college. I heard today that got an 88% on her 2nd Biology Test. She got an upper "C" on her Shakespeare essay, as she said, she's "glad that it was not written in red ink because the paper would be bleeding". I'm glad that she has her sense of humor intact - and she has plans on what she can do to try to write in the way the professor wants for the next paper. I encouraged her that's why she's in college to learn new things even though I know it's hard to get a grade you're not happy with. I'm proud that she has really turn her life around going to classes, turning in assignments and taking her tests. She's also went to the Office of Disability, and did what was necessary to have accommodations and they have been started. I hear that she is enjoying her softer back chair and that all the accomodations are helping. She is waiting to hear back about if the bus can pick her up at the house but has been classified to get the lower bus fair.

This has been a good day in my opinion.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ice Boating on Elk Lake

Well, it turns out that there is freezing rain falling at Elk Lake.  Too bad.  That makes a crust on top of the snow and makes ice boating not worth the 400+ mi drive.  They have great ice boating in New Hampshire, but that's a 700+ mile drive.  So  not go for ice boating this weekend.  Click on New Hampshire to check out on the home page what the lake looks like.  Is that black ice or what?

Also I want to say thanks to our friend Jack Pavesich.  I was finally able to get the new editor that enabled me to be able to type between the photos in the previous post.  I just had to log in with the username that was the Administrator of the blog.  go figure??

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ice Boating

Above  is Neal's runner plank lifter that Phil modeled his after. Below is Phil's made of black walnut.

Above is Phil's made of black walnut after he varnished it.  Waiting to dry.  Below is another view of Neal's.

Phil is all set to go ice boating on Elk Lake using his J14 that is now complete. He had been planning on leaving tomorrow, but they have a lot of snow falling at this time, so we shall see. Click on the Elk Lake purple link and it takes you to Jack and Kelly Jacob web site. This is the place that Phil will be going to, and also me the first weekend in March for their ice boating party. They have a live web cam set up to watch the show. They live on the shore of Elk Lake in Elk Rapids, MI so the cam is set up in their house looking out onto the lake. You can see from some of the pictures on their site that they are dog people.

The middle 2 pictures are of Phil's runner plank lifter device that he copied from Neal Betts. Phil's is made of black walnut from a tree we had cut down in the back yard. The varnish is drying, so later when it can be put together, Phil will take another picture.