Sunday, May 3, 2009

Phil at NY Harbor

I heard  from Phil tonight.  His cell phone worked from 8 miles out.  When we stopped talking, they had made it to the beginning of the shipping channel.  They are doing ok.  It's was 25-30 knot winds the first 3 days and they were sailing 8-9 knots/hr and water coming over the boat.  Phil did not get sea sick as he took Bonine the first 3 days, and then later he was ok when it got rough again.  Phil's lucky as the quarter berth is a dry berth as everywhere else there were leaks.  Tonight Captain Dave and Phil will be alternating 3 hr watches to get them thru New York City Harbor to the Albany River.  Jim is not experienced enough sailor for this part of the trip.  They expect to get to Albany NY on Tuesday.  Phil hopes to get home Friday at the latest, but he may be needed to transport the boat via the Erie Canal to Erie, PA.  I know that Captain Dave was on the phone when Phil was talking to me trying to work out the crew part.  Glenn, I let him know to give you a call if he stays on the boat.  Phil has been glad for the experience and I'm glad that Louisa called me both times.

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