Tuesday, December 1, 2009

House up for Sale again

We listed the house with Howard Hanna Realtors last week. Today we had the Broker's open which went very well and 13 realtors came through! This past Sunday we had 2 showings. First one likes the house and it's at the top of their list, but have to wait until March/April for the bank to give them a loan. Take a look at the listing. http://www.howardhanna.com/property/property.asp I'm hopeful that with the continued tax credit for first time buyers and the expanded tax credit for current homeowners we'll sell the house. Wish us luck. We had lots of positive comments from the realtors today, and Howard Hanna realtors like to deal w/each other - so maybe 2nd time will be the charm. Katie is home, and has been great in keeping the house up. she helped me to create a photo album showing before and during pictures of the renovations we've made. she's also volunteering at Chardon Library helping with small projects and plans to go there tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to everyone. Can't wait to go to Florida for Christmas!

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