Monday, August 24, 2009

Wait Till Next Season

It looks like we'll be waiting until next season before leaving to cruise to Florida or the Bahamas. Haven't got an offer on the house - too late in the season to go even if we did ship the boat to Florida. So I have taken this opportunity to take the Stats class at Lakeland Community College. This semester there is a man, Donald Davis, that is teaching instead of Debbie, who has taught it for the past 3 years. Maybe a good omen.

Phil is busy making me a plate, utensil, and silverware holder out of cherry that will be attached to the bulkhead above the sink. So far it's looking great. He's in the glueing stage.

WE are also getting quote to have a bathroom put into the first floor. Had the 3rd contractor come today. We are deciding whether to have a full bath or half bath. Will have to wait for the designs, but think that it's going to have to be a half-bath to save room in the downstairs bedroom.

We did have someone look at the house today - still hoping against hope that will get an offer from someone!! Of course we have many discussions about how long to keep the house on the market and when to take it off to have the bathroom put in. Decisions decisions.

Well need to rest up - as Stats start tomorrow - 6p - 750pm on Tues and Thursdays.

My dad may a rug to fit into Changes - looks great and fits perfect. Thanks Dad!!! Haven't gotten a picture yet of it in it's spot - but will get one this weekend.


  1. what a bummer, but you making good use of the extra time. It's a pain in the behind, getting ready and then having to wait. My fingers are crossed for you.

  2. Thank - not only will I get Stats done, I'll also be able to get some bills paid off so that we'll be in a better place financially next year.