Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boat sewing projects

I have my Viking sewing machine fixed and at the boat.  First project is to make a binnacle cover. I'll be making one that doesn't cover the steering wheel as we like to take it off when we are at the dock or at anchor.  2nd project to make lee cloth for the port settee - 3rd project is to make our cloth and cloth covered plastic dividers so that we can put our clothes on the shelf about the settees and be able to hold them in place without having to put them in duffel bags or plastic totes.  I have an idea on something I think will work - but will require both Phil and I to design.  Also Phil has got out the Bimini pipe frame that he bought years and years ago.  so our 4th project is to make a Bimini with it's cover.  It's a 2-person job to set it up and determine where everything goes.  If the weather is good enough, I think that we'll check it out on Saturday.  Phil realized on his trip from St. Thomas that it's important for the person at helm to be able to be out of the sun.

My father is making a cotton rug for the salon to go at the bottom of the companion way stairs.  He sent me some pictures to show how it looks - not very far yet, but I talked to him today and he's about third of the way done.  It was great that we were able to go out to Walmart and get the fabric making the choices together.  I made some choices that he wouldn't have thought to pick, but it's turning out well.  He hopes to have it done in August.  Also on the plans in the future is to make a another rug - a runner that will have cut outs to fit around the mast and the "legs" of the table.   The top two pictures show the fabric in the order that they go into the rug, and the bottom 2 pictures show the rug after going thru the fabric 1 time.

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