Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ray Marine ST6000 Autohelm Project

Hi,  Phil has been working the past week to install the under the deck autopilot on Changes.  Attached is a picture of the tiller arm installed.  Phil had it made from Aluminum bar stock instead of ordering it - save several hundred dollars and it's very sturdy.  He made a mock up from wood and then took it to a guy in town who made it up.  Tomorrow he is fiberglassing some parts to the hull.   This has turned into quite a project, but so necessary for us to go cruising in September.   

We participated in a just for fun race today.  Half the group went on the "B" course - and others (us included) went on the "A" course.     We didn't hear the race announced on the radio.  That's ok - the "A" course was  close reach, so we were able to head for the marks instead of tacking - much more fun in my opinion.  I steered the entire race, so good experience for me.  Was really nice - expected 5 knot winds and instead were from 10 - 20 knots.  Afterwards, we have hot dogs and other food that was brought for a nice lunch.  A fun time was had by all. Next Sunday we are race committee boat, so I'm hoping for South winds which will give me no waves.

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