Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Phil Preparing Storage Area

Phil's friend, Kay, has been kind to offer us a unused stall in her horse barn to store our stuff while cruising.  In return, Phil is building her a tack room.  I think he's mostly done with the tackroom and the re-wiring of electricity.  Then he'll start on making a storage shelf to make maximum use of the 12' x 12' x 9' tall space.  He'll use 2x4's for the frame and boards of rough cut black walnut and cherry that we wanted to keep, as the shelving to lay items on.  Kills 2 birds with one stone.   I know I'm not using the correct terms, but I hope you get the idea.  "Changes" is in the water, the floor sole is varnished and put back in.  Phil has ordered some stainless steel flat bar stock to make one of the chain plates longer as a result of getting the rigging fixed.  He still needs to put the autopilot in.  He has the Garmin 545 GPS installed and there is tons of other things to do.

My sister Cheryl and her husband Jeff have offered their home in Dayton as a place for Katie to live and go to Sinclair Community College this fall. (Aren't they great!) When we were in Dayton this past weekend, she had an opportunity to see the college and she likes what she sees.  So now she has applied and we are working on getting an appointment to talk to an Academic Advisor, do the Freshman tour and hopefully register for classes.   This college is highly rated and very reasonable - less expensive than Lakeland Community College, but a quality place to go and transfer to many other places in Ohio.  Wright State Univ in Dayton could be an option to complete her 4 years.

We lost electricity yesterday, and after Phil looked at the electric panel (has the breakers in there), I called the electric company about the electric outage.  They came - flipped the main breakers - low and behold - electricity was back on.  The good thing is Joe (CEI man) liked the house - noticed it's for sale- we got to talking (I never do that :)  ) I gave him a tour top to bottom and the back yard- he knows our friends Phil Waddle and George Schlauch (works with them) - and he went home with more information to show his wife.  He needs to sell his house in Madison, OH, but he loves century homes and seem to like mine.  We'll see what happens, but I would love to sell him this home.  We've had over 2000 "hits" on the web sights that our realtor has the house listed on.  All it take is one good bid.

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