Thursday, May 7, 2009

Phil's Home

I picked Phil up at CLE airport about 530pm yesterday.  His plane was on time, we got his baggage first off the plane and I got there late enough so that we were able to not pay parking.  He was hungry/  All he had to "eat" for breakfast and lunch was coffee and they didn't have any food to buy on the plane, so we stopped at Bahama Breeze for supper.  Definitely was in need for a shower - so that was top priority when we got home.  He had lots of stories to tell and now I have an official St. Patrick's day T-shirt from St.  Thomas to wear next year for St Patty's day.  Now to get back to work on clearing out his stuff in the garage, get the boat in the water and so on.  Hear tell that Captain Dave loves Phil as crew.  WE all know how Phil fixes things (used this skill many times on this trip) and knows how to sail.    

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