Monday, April 13, 2009

Phil to Detroit

Phil is going to Detroit, MI tomorrow to pick up the improved rigging that got fixed at Offshore Spars.  They had to inspect and refurbish the navtec rigging and replaced one cracked end.  He hopes to get there by 11am - pick up the items have lunch and return in time for us to go to Capp's Restaurant.  I know that Phil was happy with the price that he paid, which was cheaper than getting new rigging by far.   He is all prepacked - and ready to go, just like the staging when going on the next leg in a journey.   Saturday, Phil worked on descaling the Yanmar diesel 2QM20  with the Rydlime - was pretty black he said when using his pump - that moved the liquid very slowly.  Today he started the engine and pump out more black liquid out and then it started to run clear.  We'll see how it works this summer as we were having problems with it running hot.

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