Thursday, April 23, 2009

Phil Still in St. Thomas

Hi everyone,  

This trip isn't going as planned.  They left St. Thomas Tuesday, but then the autopilot stopped working and a part broke that attaches the main sheet to the boom.  They turn around after 30 miles from the marina, and went back.  The weather wasn't good - very choppy  so that Phil got sea sick.  (He hardly ever gets sea sick and has bought bonine and been taking it before he goes to bed to be prepared for when they leave)  Captain Sherry has decided to fly back home, and expects to leave tomorrow.  Captain Dave has found another person to crew, who should arrive tomorrow - also having problems with the refrigeration system - part should arrive tomorrow. Best that the refrigeration problem happened now and not when they were underway.   Phil has a another cold, but the good news is he had eggs over easy for breakfast and ribs for lunch.  The current plan is to leave on Saturday.  Also good news is that Captain Dave is very generous and lets Phil call me using his cell phone (doesn't cost any minutes on his plan), so I've been able to talk to Phil every day.  

Other good news that Phil doesn't know is that someone is scheduled to look at the house Saturday @ 1130am.  I'll be working Saturday, but am off tomorrow, so hope to finish painting the ceiling of the back patio. 

It's a busy time - The Grand River Yacht Club is having a Wild West Murder Mystery Potluck Saturday, so Katie and I are making me a costume.  Katie was great in cutting  out the fabric pieces for the dress, apron and bonnet patterns. We have spent the evening each sewing on separate sewing machines.  I've been sewing on the Viking and Katie on my Pfaff.  I have the dress done except for making buttons and button holes (have to use the Pfaff for that).  Katie is working on the apron - and is almost to the point of gathering the skirt onto the bodice. A few more steps after that and then there is the bonnet to make.  I'm going all out!!  :)   

Phil doesn't expect to be back now until May 9 or 10 at the earliest.  Time will tell.  I guess this is good experience for him and an exercise in being adaptable.

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