Saturday, June 13, 2009

Katie getting ready for College

Katie and I drove to Dayton, OH Thursday night so that we could register her for college this fall. We had a busy day at Sinclair Community College. In the morning she had her placement testing. Turns out that the tests are harder and longer than at Lakeland Community College. Then we had lunch and visited her Academic Advisor, Susan. Katie wants to go to Wright State Univ for her Junior and Senior year, so Susan had the information Katie needed to get her Associates in Biology. We also found out that the Intro to Psych and Comparative Religion classes she's taking at Lakeland this summer will also transfer and count.

We were very lucky in the afternoon. Everywhere that we needed to go, there was no or minimal line and when we left there was a long line. We went to register her - visit the Office of Disabilities, and was able to speak to Tony about getting a referral to doctors in this area instead of waiting until an August appt. We also got any paperwork needed for her physicians to fill out. Next we went to Career Services - and found out that there is a chance that she'll be able to get a job on campus for the fall. Important for her to be in Dayton mid-August so that she is available for interviews - so looks like we'll be moving her down August 15. The freshman orientation lasted 1hr 10 min instead of 2 hrs, so we were able to go to Admissions for a Sinclair College Catalog and then visit the Library. Tuition is due August 28 and classes start Sept 9 and end Nov 25 as they are on the Quarter system instead of semesters.

Everyone was very friendly - Katie felt very welcomed and seems happy going there. When we were on an elevator, a student gave us the tips to have a specific English prof but not these two - for Math to have so and so, but NOT so and so, so she was able to have the good teachers for her classes. She's taking English, Math, Biology and a freshman intro class. 15 cred hrs, which will be plenty with her also having to work.

We both were tired of walking by the end of the day, but have everything accomplished that we needed to have done.

We decided to stay overnight w/my parents instead of coming home - so had supper w/my sister Cheryl and Desmond that my Dad fixed and then are going over to her house today for Desmond's 11th birthday party. Glad that we can stay, though it means we are missing the Grand River Sailing Club Cruising Picnic today. Phil will hold up the fort while I'm gone.

Tomorrow is "Changes" day for race committee - so I'm hoping that there are light winds so I don't get sick bobbing around on the lake.

Our plan is to leave Dayton late this afternoon and get home mid to late evening as it's a 4 hr drive.

BTW, I have given Phil access to post on this blog - and encouraged him to post, as he's doing a lot of work on the under deck autopilot - has it working I understand. So maybe he needs your encouragement to write.

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