Sunday, April 19, 2009

Phil in St. Thomas

Phil left this morning to go to St. Thomas to crew to bring back a Hinckley 42' sailboat.  He got there ok, but the airline lost his luggage, so we hope that it will be delivered to him in the boat tomorrow.  They were originally gong to leave tomorrow morning, but will be postponing departure by one day.

Phil, Katie, and I were busy this weekend painting the front porch, and the wood on the back patio.  We painted the vertical and horizontal 2 x 4's Saturday - as it was in the 70's.  Today I started painting the wood overhang and under the gutters.  When that was done, I started on the ceiling and by late afternoon had half of it done.  

We also had the Grand River Sailing Club Cruising meeting, so we are all set up for a great summer of cruising to Port Stanley, Erieau, and other great places on Lake Erie.

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