Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New St. Thomas Pictures

Here are some more pictures of Phil on his trip.  Today Phil and friend, Kay Herdman had lunch together.  She has been kind to make a deal with us to store some of our belongings in her empty 12' x 12' empty horse stall if Phil builds her a tack room.  Thank you Kay!!  

Today they went to Carter Lumber and brought back much lumber using her truck. It was piled high. Phil has the frames up and also the sheeting up today. It's inside her barn so no need to put a roof on, thought it will have a ceiling.  Tomorrow he goes back to insert wiring for electricity.  He thinks that he'll need to re-wire the entire barn.  Phil also got lumber to make shelves so we can maximize the usage of the space.  He'll use the black walnut from the tree cut down in our back yard  for "decking" on the shelves - killing two birds w/one stone.  

Sunday we have scheduled an open house.  We lowered the price a little, hoping it will create more interest.  It would be wonderful if we could live on the boat a couple months this summer.

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