Monday, June 8, 2009

What Lorraine is doing

I understand that I am talking too much about what Phil is doing to get ready.  Well, I have order 8 screens and 8  Solid Fruit roll sheet so that I can take all the tomato products except the salsa and dry them on my dehydrator.  That way they'll take up less room on the boat and I won't waste the items that I have canned.  I may be doing this with some of the fruit/veggies in the freezer.  I ordered them yesterday, so hope to get them by next week at the latest.

I have also been driving Phil nuts by wanting to have the house at a higher level of cleanliness than he thinks is required for selling the house.  The house was shown last Thursday, and the autoshowing service stated "no feed back" provided.  This is a disappointment for me.  I want the house to sell!!  so we can live on the boat this summer and pay off some bills. 

Phil and I went shopping for a new watch for me for my birthday that has this countdown feature and is also an atomic  clock so that it has GPS time.  But he won't let me use it for the North Coast Women's Sailing association race that I am crewing on tomorrow night.  Oh well.  

We charted out all the storage places on Changes Saturday afternoon and now have to decide what is most important to take with us, and what needs to be stored and what to get rid of.  The Viking sewing machine will be fixed tomorrow and Phil is kind enough to pick it up for me.  I want to keep it on Changes so that I can make the binnacle cover and other items needed on Changes.

For now, I need to go to sleep so that I can do well on my job tomorrow.  Have a nice evening.

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