Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weather's Looking Bad

We have been keeping a close eye on the weather that's coming up this weekend, and there is a front that is going to start coming through on Friday with winds 25-30 knot (1 knot - 1.15 mph) on Saturday.  Click on Marine Forecast for the link for those that want to look themselves. This is for in the middle of Lake Erie, the nearshore forecast isn't quite as bad, but still we don't want to risk it with the dinghy surfing down the waves and running into the stern of Changes and it doesn't look like fun.  I'm sure Changes can survive 8-10ft waves, but don't know about the crew, especially if we don't have to.   Looks like a good day to get a little more organized.   So unless something changes, it looks like we're going to be leaving Sunday after all.  This weekend was also suppose to have been when the Grand River Sailing Club went to Erieau for the steak roast.  So that isn't going to happen except maybe for the die hards that sail over Sunday for dinner at OJ & Molly's and sail back on Monday.

I think that I'll be cooking up some food like soup or stew, so that I won't have to cook supper Saturday, make up sandwiches in the morning for lunch - as I don't do well being down below unless I'm laying down on the settee, head to stern with my eyes closed.  I'm planning on taking seasickness medication each night starting Thursday to minimize my reaction when we do leave.

We did activate the SPOT GPS Messenger last night, now have to work on making the web page and putting in the persons to send the messages to.  For some reason, the username and password isn't working, so need to work that out too.  They sure took my money though!  Know that's always works. :)

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