Monday, September 6, 2010

Surprise - We left!

Monday, Sept 6 @ 815am.
Ashtabula, OH

Sunday after being over at Phil and Terri Waddle's for the Steak Roast, the wind had died. We talked should we leave? I cleared out the last of the refrigerator and we decided to leave.  I know that was a surprise that we didn't leave @ 6am but when the weather is good, we go.  We were casting off the lines and getting ready to push off, when Kathy Christian realized we were leaving.  So a few last hugs and goodbyes and we were off - we thought - but with the river being down a foot we hit ground.  We were able finally in reverse to pivot off and then we were really off.  We made it to Ashtabula  @ 2am- sent the OK message.  Now we are eating breakfast and fixing lunch and then we are off to go as far as we can today.  Erie at the soonest and Dunkirk, NY if we can make it.  The weather is getting worse and we will need to hole in somewhere for Wednesday.  Will hit the OK button when we get to the next location. - Traveled 27 kmiles.  Lorraine

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