Friday, September 3, 2010

Car less

Yesterday, we dropped off Phil's car at Virginia's house in her garage.  Today we got some errands done and then dropped off my van for it's place in storage in Fairport Harbor.  Jim Paul was kind enough to drive us home to our boat so now our only mode of transportation is the folding bike and of course walking.
The rain has passed through.  It was less than we thought it would be, but the wind has come along with mostly clear blue skies.  We've seen gust up to 15knots, let me revise that to 19 knots here at the boat, though the Fairport Buoy has  the wind at 22 to 26 knots.  Phil estimates that we'll be staying here until Monday - unless the wind and waves calm down faster than we expect.  Should be good sleeping weather as predicted to get down to 58F tonight.

I bought a Nook - the Barnes & Noble eReader - yesterday.  Today I've had some time to "buy" some free books - downloaded one - but still trying to figure out how to transfer to my Nook. Talking about books,  I have withdrawn from the World Literature class.  Had some snaffues, not actually getting into the classroom until yesterday.  Also realized that would be too much to do, so will be taking off from school the rest of the year.  Will register to take classes in January.

We also were able to get Katie's port settee bunk comfortable for her - having a camp inflatable air mattress and the full size memory foam mattress topper (total of 4" thickness) was the trick.  She slept in well yesterday so very glad that we got that worked out.  Now we both can feel good that she'll be able to sleep comfortably when she's on the boat in the future.  We got a jumbo size space bag- put the memory foam in it along with enough cotton batting to finish Calvin's quilt - and sucked the air out with the vacuum so it got quite a bit smaller.  Phil put it in the sail locker until it's needed.

Well time to go to make some food for potluck.  Hope that people are coming and aren't kept away because of the weather forecast.

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