Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Counting Down the Days

We both have been feeling pretty stressed getting everything wrapped up, so I have taken Tuesday off and Wednesday morning from work.  So glad that work is understanding!!   Definitely felt teary leaving work yesterday, but have all my charting done, so feel good about that and I'll be back next summer.
Last night Katie and I had a girls night - went to Max and Erma's for supper, then we went to the mall so that I could get some reading glasses.  One of the stores had a buy one get one free sale, so decided to get one pair of reading glasses and then another pair of sunglasses reading glasses.  I'm tired of craining my neck using the bifocal part to read what's on the laptop or computer.  They will be ready today.  We also went to JoAnn Fabrics so that I could get some pens that would show up on dark fabric. I'm making a quilt that has a brown hexagon center and 8 star points that come out from each flat part of the hexagon.  This quilt is a multi-year project as I really don't NEED another quilt, just want one.  There are 72 of these blocks with each flower part a different authentic old (40-50's) fabric.
hexagon star (flower) block
same block different fabric
I have an idea that I want to try to ask people we meet along the trip to sign the brown center of the block with their name and boat name.  Katie spent the afternoon cutting out squares from freezer paper and ironing them to the back of each block.  The last piece to be ready was to get the pens.  I found opague white pens that are suppose to work on dark fabric so hope they work.

Today Katie will wash clothes for us (she offered!) and then we will be working on emptying out the dock boxes, which includes the work logo clothes.  After we are done with that, we'll just work on what needs to be done.  Thursday is the day to take Katie to the Greyhound Bus Station.  Her bus will leave at 245pm and she'll get into Dayton about 745pm. 

Time to get to work.

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