Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On the Move today

Yesterday, we stayed in Waterford.  We first went to Ron and Paul's Coffee shop for breakfast.  Their 2 eggs, toast and coffee is a whopping $1.75.  Ann is one of the waitresses that has been in this area for 11 years. She is originally from Maryland. The scenery was real nice and I noticed there is a predominately male clientele at this restaurant.
Ann, Waitress at Ron & Paul's Restaurant
Ann Serving Coffee
We walked around Waterford on the other side of Broad St and saw many old homes.  Some are right next to each other and others have unique architectural details.  We have seen a couple home that the drain spouts going directly into the street - see pictures below.  There are a lot of homes that are 2-family plus homes.  They seem to run into one another. One side touching the back of another around the corner.  I figure that's because this is an OLD town for the United States.
Houses close together in Waterford, NY
Drain spout into the street
Nice house in Waterford, NY

Multi family home touch another home. Waterford, NY
Lorraine sewing Calvin's quilt
Since we had electricity and time on my hands, I got out my viking sewing machine, iron, and my cut & press pad and started working on Calvin's quilt. I have to say that I took up most of the space doing it.  I have found that the top of the companionway step is great to have the cut & press there - just the right height for ironing seams.   I was able to cut the sashing strips and sew them to the blocks to put the blocks into rows.  I also started on sewing the appliqued Numbers and letters down to the block.  Am happy with what I got done.

So today we are planning on going to Troy Dock after we fill the water tank.  Phil said that there are 4' tides in Troy, so will be my first experience sailing with tides.  We'll also be pumping out the head soon.   Not sure if we'll spend the night or not in Troy.  We may stop next in Castleton.  Our plans are very fluid except for being in Catskill, NY Friday morning to have the mast stepped. 

We have been enjoying talking with the other boaters here.  The couple behind us are from Toronto and David made his boat, launching it in 1986.  He made it of concete and it's very nice - has two cabins in it.  They are going down to South America - currently have another couple on board that will be leaving them soon.  They came down the Oswego Canal to the Erie Canal and have done this trip many times before.  I didn't get a photo of their boat, but expect that we'll see them again along the way.  We did exchange boat cards.

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