Thursday, September 16, 2010

Story of King Farouk - Boom Awning

Many postings ago, I promised to send you the story about what started getting Phil and later me, to call our boom awning a Farouk. We were lucky that Phil connected with Ed Murray again at Chester's Restaurant in Painesville when we were dining there for our 5th Anniversary.

This is the email that we received today from Ed.
When I started crewing at MHYC (1960- wooden boats and iron men) my Skipper, Lynn Cole and another Skipper, Bill Dodge
both called the boom awning the Farouk. The story is they "were" (sic) over in Port Stanley enjoying cocktails when one of them
looked up at his striped awning and said, "we are living like King Farouk".

> Ed
> That is a great story about the stew. so now how about telling how 
> the Feruke was named.
> Phil
Ever since, we have been calling our awning a Farouk (now that we have the correct spelling).

Thanks Ed for helping us to get the story straight!!


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