Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rich's Marina

Distance Traveled:  6 nm
Total Distance: 140 nm

Our plan for today is to go to Rich's Marina to have the mast taken down tomorrow.  We will be leaving this dock about 1130am and stay the night at Rich's.  I'm also going to call Barnes & Noble Customer support to see how I can get Adobe Digital Editions to recognize my Nook so I can authorize it.  After that, I'll be able to transfer books I loan from the libraries to my Nook.  Beyond that - not planned yet.

It was really windy last night.  Another lessoned learned.  Don't put up the forehatch cover when there is a lot of wind especially when it's coming straight down the deck from the bow to stern!  The forehatch cover was flapping away most of the night, so I went out @ 3am and took the forehatch cover down.  Good thing no one was around to see me in my night gown, covered with a fleece and foul weather jacket.  Then the wind blew the forehatch lid right over, so that was closed and tightened down.  I was worried about the wind pushing Changes onto the dock - but Phil wasn't worried.  But that wasn't much comfort to me at the time.  Finally I did go back to sleep with ear plugs in and woke about 830am though still tired.

This morning Phil found the dinghy half filled with water - he said it was sinking.  So he emptied it with the bucket and then the sponge and found one of the thru hull fitting plug to plug the hole as all the corks that are normally used are gone in Lake Erie. Phil says we need to drink more wine so there are corks.  Certainly a possibility now that I won't have to worry about seasickness for a while.

So overall how are we doing?  Pretty good.  Phil is in his T-shirt and I'm wearing jeans and 3 layers of shirts and we're both comfortable.  Typical. :)  We'll do what we need to today to prepare for the lowering of the mast and rest.

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