Monday, September 27, 2010

Kingston, NY - rainy day

Hope you are having better weather day than we are.  It's been raining and in the 60's but not windy.  I haven't had to bundle up too much.  As were Mondays at GRYC, it's been quiet here down at the docks but it has been a busy day for us.  We had breakfast, I took at shower (was a good shower - had to use quarters but was very reasonable and lots of hot water) and cut my hair with the flobee.  I didn't cut the top but cut my bangs, the sides and bottom.  Feels much better and is easier to manage on a boat.

Phil and I wanted to wash clothes and take the bus to the grocery store and knew that we had to also move the boat since a cruise ship was coming sometime today and docking where we were.  Just before I got back from my shower, a woman from the Maritime Museum had come up to Phil to talk to him about it.  The S/V Belle Aventure moved back a few feet and with Phil's great skills maneuvering Changes, we were able to dock in front of Belle Aventure and behind this old wooden boat.  Not too many feet to spare.  We connected the yellow dock line (electricitycord), but that required Phil throwing me a line and then tying the other end to the yellow dock line to I could pull it across the 10-12' between the dock and the bulkhead where the electricity box was (floating docks).   We were debating what to do first and when to take a bus and decided to walk to the laundromat first and try to get the 135pm bus in front of the city docks.  After lunch of sandwiches, we made it to the bus stop with a few minutes to spare.  This bus looks like a trolly.  Good thing we took the bus instead of walking because it took about 20 minutes with a few stops in between to get there.  Hannahford is a good grocery store and we were able to get out of the store to make the 3pm bus.  We are on the lookout for a folding crate on wheels with a pull out handled, like the one I use for work.  I think it would be very helpful with all the walking that we do to carry laundry or groceries in this instead of in backpacks wherever possible. After we're done, we can fold it down and put it in the quarterberth.  We looked at a few stores that we had hoped would have it, but no luck.  We are back at the boat, the groceries are put away and I have got preparations in place to make brats in cabbage, thaw some beets from the freezer and cook some potatoes for supper. We got some chuck roast today, so I'm looking forward to making some vegetable beef & barley soup and to make a roast in the oven.  Phil wants me to make black carrots, but I have a hard time getting things burnt. 

Tomorrow is suppose to be a rainy day though a little warmer and will be a travel day.  We want to get to Haverstraw Bay about 47 nm away.  If it seems too far, than we can get to Pollepel Island which is 30nm.  It all depends on the positive current we can get from the tide.  We'll try to leave at 7am and see how far we feel like going.   Nyack is 55 nm and has mooring balls for $5 which is just before Tarrytown Marina.  Then we'll be 19 miles from the W79th St. Marina where they have mooring balls for $30/night and where we will be meeting Vicky.  We are hoping that the weather in the ocean will clear so that we won't have any lay days before we can start to Cape May and up the Delaware Bay.  I don't know if I'll be able to post tomorrow, but will post as soon as I can and will send out the OK message once we get to our stopping point.

We miss everyone back home and love getting the emails and comments.  Keep them coming.  It will be strange to not make it to the Clam Bake.  We sure did love those, but don't know that we'll get that here.  Are the leaves starting to change much at home?  They are just starting to change here.


  1. Here is a link to that resulted from a yahoo search for'collapsible dolly baskets'. It looks like they have a dolly like you need. The trick is to somehow get it delivered to where you could pick it up. Maybe a Post Office? At one time post offices had a service like that you could arrange with a phone call.
    Paul Canfield

  2. Thanks Paul. Will check it out. We will have a couple days in NYC before we pick up Vicky, so maybe we'll be able to pick one up there and not have to worry about having one delivered. Hope you are doing well.