Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New York City

Wednesday, Sept 29
Distance Traveled:  43nm
Total Distance Traveled: 542 nm

When we left Pollepel Island this morning at 730am, the sky was clear and you could see the shore easily.  We traveled down the Hudson River passing West Point Academy at about 9am.  It's pretty impressive from the river and looks like quite the fortress.

West Point on Hudson River

Then we got to Haverstraw Marina about 1030am.  We stopped to fill the tank with diesel and then tied up at the end of Red dock to go to the marine store for some items - chemicals for the head, a dock line and also to see if they have foul weather gear, which they didn't have.  While we were there, we got a book about tides and other nautical information and Phil also got a pair of over the glasses sunglasses.  This store had two friendly dogs for us to pet too.
Rosie and Molly
Also while we were at the dock, there was the S/V Clearwater getting diesel fuel.  It's a huge boat and Pete Seger, the singer, promoted the building of the boat to help be an ambassador to clean up the Hudson River.  Clearwater was built in 1969 and Phil knew all about it.

Since it was only about 11:15am and the winds and weather were holding good, we decided to go all the way to New York City and arrived there about 530pm.  Unfortunately, all the mooring balls were taken (50 are available) so we are at the end of a dock.  It is very rolly-polly here as you can see by this short video I took.

I'm glad that we are here as it's only a few blocks to Central Park and the subway system.  There is one shower here -not great looking, but as we took our shower in the evening, there was plenty of hot water.  Phil saw Mark - the Canadian that helped up raise the mast in Castleton, his wife and daughter.  They and Ebel on Bye Bye Blues have been on mooring balls since Monday.  Mark has our boat card and will keep an eye out for a yellow mooring ball to open up and will give us a call.  I'm glad that we decided to get here today, as you can see on the weather forecast on the blog - tonight thru Friday morning is not going to be very good weather with heavy rain and wind that's coming.  It's warm now - and since it's to be from SE - the winds will be coming across Manhattan first - so we'll be more protected.  We havethe forehatch cover on - not sure if we'll be able to have the forehatch open or not but if we don't have it on, then we certainly won't be able to get air on the boat.

Cliffs on NJ side close to NYC
We walked to the subway station to try to get a map of the subway system, but they are out of them.  Since the subway station was at W. 79th and Broadway, we decided to take a walk.  We came across the Staples I found on Google Maps and we did pick up one of the folding crates on wheels with the pullout handle.  Then we went to Cafe 82 for supper.  The food there is good and reasonable.  I wasn't able to eat all of minw, so brought back a doggie bag.  I'll warm it up in a ziploc bag in water another day.
Changes at W79th St Boat Basin, NYC
We came back to the boat and the waves in the marina were quieter, but there must have been some pretty good action while we were gone as the basket of toiletry items on the counter in the head was spilled on the floor.  There were also other items in the galley that were on the floor.

Our plans for tomorrow include taking the subway and walking to West Marine for Phil to get foul weather gear.  They are suppose to get a delivery tonight and to have a fairly large selection.  Then we'll see.  Lots of options to discuss - also depends on the weather and how much we feel like being out in the wind and rain.


  1. With all the rian reported on the East Coast over the past few days, like Noah, you must have been glad to have a boat under foot!

  2. yes we did. Just wish the boat moved a little less side to side and up and down. :)