Saturday, September 4, 2010

hunkering down

We are still at dock at GRYC.  The wind at the Fairport Harbor Buoy was 35knot gusting to 40knots when we last looked.  We have about 9" waves in the river and are rocking and rolling.  We are snug in the boat having finished breakfast and the dishes.  This is just the kind of day that I like to sew in, so think will lung my sewing machine and Calvin's Quilt in progress to the yacht club and get some sewing done.  Will also be cooking some stew and a chicken dish so don't have to cook the first few days.

We are looking for a Monday departure date.  Tomorrow the waves are to be 6 feet - doable but why make it hard for ourselves?  The GRSC steak roast is over at Phil and Terri's tomorrow, so thanks to Colin and Louise's generosity, we will have their car to use to get there.

Have made some progress in figuring out the Nook - was able to download some free books on my PC and get them transferred to the Nook.  Now need to see how to work out transferring the Adobe books from the Library that are available for downloading to the Nook.  I'll have to call Cathy Joseph to see how she does it.

What is Phil doing?  He says that is too bad to do anything, so maybe he'll spend the time reading.

Take care.

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