Sunday, September 5, 2010

Leave Tomorrow, Monday Sept 6

We wanted to update everyone that we will be leaving about 6am tomorrow morning to sail to Erie, PA.  It will be a 10-12 hour sail and we're planning on staying in Wolverine Park Marina.  It's at the base of State Street in Erie, PA, so we won't need the dinghy to get on land.   It's still up in the air whether we stay Tuesday or go ahead to Dunkirk, NY.  If you are available to see us, please give me a call. 

Today we washed clothes, went to the store to get some refined Kerosene for the lamp on the boat and new Space Bags.  The ones we had had leaks.  Phil is working on getting the dinghy in the water and the truck crane in the dock box for tomorrow's departure.

The wind is blowing, but it a crisp, clear fall feeling day.  It's nice to see the fluffy clouds in the sky and have everything so crisp looking instead of hazy.  It's interesting how quickly the summer weather changed to fall weather.  I'm sure those in the southern states wish this cooler weather would come to them!

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