Sunday, September 12, 2010

To Fairport, NY via Pittsford

We left Brockport, NY at 820am, went through their LB and 3 more - the last being at Spencerport LB.  It wasn't bad at all going through the Genessee River- Skipper Bob had a caution for the current and shoaling but it was most shallow at 8+feet and no current for us.  We went through Lock 33 without problems if you don't count me dropping the line just as they were getting ready to have the water go down.  Phil saved the day by jumping off and getting the line that I had lifted with the boat hook and threading it around the cable for me and then jumping on.   We had to wait for 20 min at Lock 32 - first for them to fill it and them another 5-10 min for the operator to be able to open the doors.  There was some mechanical problem and he was going across the bridge on top of the lock doors to get it fixed.  These last 2 locks had the cables which are very nice - have a line go from the bow to one cable  and from the stern to another.  We had a audience, so I hoped we looked like we knew what we were doing.

It turned out to be a nice day!  We exchanged phone calls with Glenn and Pat.  They were able to see us coming down the canal as we motored into Pittsford, NY.  There were quite a few boats there - and we were also looking for the gas dock, which is no longer there to get diesel.  Well, we hit ground again as we pulled up to one dock and there are big boulders along the edge, so it was a little nerve racking to get out of that spot.  We threw a dock line from the bow (after attaching another line to the one we usually use) to Glenn and he pulled in the bow enough that we were able to get out of there and then docked on the south side.  Glenn and Pat too visited with us on the boat.  This is not Pat's thing to be on a boat, so I was glad that she came aboard and I was able to show her our living arrangements, modest as they are.  We had made prior arrangements earlier in the morning, so Glenn joined us on the 5nm or so from Pittsford to Fairport, NY and Pat would meet us in Fairport.  I think that Glenn enjoyed the trip and we enjoyed having him join us.

After we got to Fairport and docked on the South side (on the side with the showers) Glenn and Pat had Church and we had a snack and took showers.  The showers are very nice in Fairport at the end of a ramp at the end of the dock.  The water here was also weak but very hot and they did the job.  Then we walked around town to scope out what was available.  We got a few items at the local grocery store, a pattern for a tote bag/backpack at the local fabric shop and then came back to the boat.  Glenn and Pat showed up about 6pm and took us out to dinner at Mario's Restaurant.  Very nice place that has good Italian food and Steaks.  We have a wonderful dinner and were seated almost immediately.  Maybe because we so casually dressed.  Then after the meal, we were driven to Walmart to get the head flashlight and a battery operated clock.  We forgot to get a case of bottled water!  Since we were closed to their house, we got the tour and then drove down to Lake Ontario, though being dark we couldn't actually see the lake.  We went past the small amusement park and Rachel, Katie, Glenn and I had gone to when we visited him about 6 years ago.  I hear that they added a new ride.  We all have fond memories of that trip visiting Glenn.  Then back to the boat and bed.

This morning we walked to the laundromat and washed clothes.  Still need to do sheets and towels, but will leave for another day.  We have decided to stay another day and will meet up with Glenn and Pat later today.  Haven't decided what to do, but sure they have something in mind. 

Tomorrow we leave to go to Lyons, NY which is at Lock 27.  Will be going through 5 locks (30, 29, 28A, 28B, and 27) tomorrow.  Good thing that we bought to disposable gloves, because it looks like we'll need them as these are rope locks which are slimy under the waterline.  Palmyra has a laundromat 1.5 blocks west of Canal Street, so we many stop there. Newark is suppose to be a nice place to stop, and is about 5 miles before Lyons.  Tuesday will be a long day for us as there aren't many places to dock between Lyons and Baldwinsville and Lock 24, so will have to get going at 7am to take advantage of the full hours the canal is open.  Lucky for us there is docking west of the lock, so we'll still be able to stay there even if we don't make the lock by 5pm.

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  1. Phil & Lorraine,
    My guess is, until somebody comes with a depth gauge that measures depth 30 meters ahead of the keel, the laws of probability while navigating strange and shallow waters are not on your side. If you can manage to bump less than once a day you are probably doing good.