Friday, October 1, 2010

Seeing NYC - Vicky Has Arrived

Thursday, Sept 30

We arrived Wednesday  afternoon to NYC on a warm, sunny day.  That didn't last long as it rained about 1" Wednesday night and it was forecasted to rain all day yesterday, last night and today.  Phil baled out about 1" of water out of the dinghy yesterday in the morning expecting that more would accumulate during the day, but we were lucky in that it was a warm day (Phil thought it was HOT)  (74F and humid) and it didn't rain all day so we were able to do our errands and explore some of the city.

We started out the day taking the Subway #1 train to go to West Marine on W37th Street between 5th and 6th street.  This West Marine is a small store but Phil was able to get a foul weather jacket.  I also bought a pair of  helmsman sailing gloves, (click on the link to see what they look like) a battery operated LED light that would fit over the stove, a chart for the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay, and a bale so that we could tie the end of the hammock for the fruit and vegetables to another location. 

After going to West Marine which is on W37th Street, we decided to walk up to Times Square.  Times Square is unique for all the signs in the area.  Some signs are big signs and some are huge taking up a entire side of a multi-store building. 

Times Square

Where the New Year's Eve Ball Drops

Times Square

We continued walking around and went into a Visitor's Center where we got information about seeing the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  I have wanted to see them, but wasn't sure if we could on Friday.  As we were both getting tired and were almost ready to go back to the boat, we decided to go to Trader Joe's since there were a few things that I wanted to get there. I had researched how to get there on the computer earlier so we walked to 50th street and took the subway to Union Square where we had to change to the N train.  Underground at Union Square is unique - there was a gentleman who was singing opera -

Male Tenor singing Operator in Union Square
and was very good - had a hat on the floor for donations of money - then as we were walking to get the N train, there was a gentleman that was playing an electric cello - also very good.  On one of the subway trains, a woman stood up and asked for everyone's attention, telling us that she would appreciate any assistance those would give her as she had a 12 yo daughter to raise and she had multiple sclerosis.  On one train we got on a woman was walking down the isle - singing with a very good voice - with her hat out for donations.  Typically on a subway train people are deep into themselves - listing to the ipod or MP3 player or reading a book and trying NOT to look at everyone else.  Me, I WAS looking at everyone.

Once we were back at the boat, the rain started up again and the storm that was threatening to come came.  We weren't really hungry, but I started cooking a roast beef in the over with potatoes, onions, celery and carrots for later in the evening while I could still cook.  So how did we fare last night?  Lets say that I hope that we don't have to repeat it again, but if it was the worse that happens to us on this trip, then we'll be lucky.  The wind starting rising, the tide starting going out, the rain started and by 8pm - the boat was rocking and rolling to beat the band.  The docks were also rocking.  Walking on them felt like being in a Fun House as they were pitching and moving up and down with the waves.  I took some Merezine and it's a good thing that I did.  We ate about 9pm - and then walked over to the office to talk with the friendly dockmaster, Kevin.  We also met another couple who was taking some items they had out to their dinghy.  30 min later they were back on the dock as their power boat was rocking too much for them.  We also took a walk as one of the docks is fixed.  It was so nice to be on something firmer.  It was about 11pm that we went back to the boat to attempt to fall asleep and that couple were still on the dock also looking at their boat deciding when they would use their dinghy to get out to their boat on a mooring ball.  As I watched the anchor lights at the top of the mast rock back and forth, I think there was a small advantage to being at dock as I think that our mast wasn't rocking quite as far back and forth.  We had to time getting on Changes making sure the dock was moving up and Changes was rocking towards the dock at the same time.  Phil rowed the dinghy to a inner dinghy dock as he was worried that it or Changes would get damaged in all the moving around.  The V-berth was out for sleeping in, though we did try.  The motion is the worst at the bow.  First I went to the port settee and then Phil went to the starboard settee.  We were able to fall asleep and then I estimate about 2am, the winds had clocked to the NW and the boat basin calmed down enough for us to go back to the V-berth and for us to actually fall asleep.

Friday, Oct 1

When we woke, the winds had calmed down, but now they were cool and from the NW.  After the night we had, Phil was up first, and then I woke up about 830am. Phil had to empty the water out of the dinghy and there was about 2" of water.  There are a few dinghys that are not attended and have filled up with water.  It's amazing that they haven't sunk yet.
unattended dinghies filled with water.
After a while, I decided to do a load of clothes and take a shower.  While I was the office, we met up again with Mark and his wife, Ebel and Monique, and a new couple, David and Chantel - all French Canadians.  They were doing laundry, but the shower was available and I still had enough hot water.  I never did get laundry done as the washer and dryer was busy the whole time.  The topics of conversations were how everyone did last night and the weather, as we are all waiting for the weather window to go to Cape May, NJ.  We also met another Canadian couple from Toronto, Robert and Cathy on their Catalina 32 named "B&G" after the first initials of Robert's Parent who were tragically killed in a car accident 5 years ago.  After Phil had taken a shower, and the French Canadians had left, we talked with Robert and Cathy and they invited us to see their boat.  It's very nice and they have a beautiful fully enclosed cockpit, as they are planning to sail around the world.  Cathy said they hope to take 20 years to do this or until they get tired of it. We visited with them until 2pm when our stomachs said that we had to have lunch.  We warmed up the left over roast beef from last night, and as today was a cooler day, it was very nice to have a hot lunch.

This afternoon Phil and I discussed the weather and when we may leave.  The winds are to be from NW to N and then clock over to NE, so we have decided to leave tomorrow morning about 8am.   As we'll be going out of NY Harbor and down the NJ coast, NW winds would be great as they will be offshore winds.  The Ocean is to be 3-4 ft waves tomorrow, which is better than the 5-6ft+ wave of tonight.  It's 117nm from here to Cape May, which we'll be sailing straight through.  If we are going 6nm, it should take us 19.5 hours and if we are moving at 5knots then it will take us almost 24 hours to arrive.  We want to leave about 8am tomorrow morning so that we will be arriving during daylight.  After we get there, we'll see if we want to continue sailing up Delaware Bayto get to the C&D canal, as they are talking about 2-3 days of bad winds from a low pressure that is coming north from the Carolinas, and we want to be in a safe place for that. 

 Later in the afternoon, I decided to get some errands done.  I went to the Fed Ex Store and took care of Car and Home Insurance details.  I wanted to make some chili for supper and wanted fresh ground beef, green pepper, canned kidney beans and some fruit to take with us. So after going to google grocery stores, I tried the closest one,  Zabars, which I found to be a kosher and specialty foods grocery store.  You have to see it to believe it.  They had one package of ground beef for $7.15/pound and NO canned kidney beans.  So went to Staples across the street to get a plastic tub to put the extra shoes in.  While I was there I asked if there were any other grocery stores around, and a nice couple that looked to be affluent told me about Fairways Market between W75th and W74th Street on Broadway.  That's close enough so I went to Fairways.  The Grocery stores here are very unique, narrow isles and the shelves go up very high.  You just have to see it to believe it.  I asked a salesperson where the kidney beans and ground beef were, and she was happy to show me.  Otherwise, I would have been there forever just trying to find my way around.  I also went to the West Side Market as they have fresh produce that was pretty reasonably priced, especially for NYC.  Having all my errands done, I started making the chili in the large pressure cooker just for safety's sake as can put the lid on and not worry about tipping over all over the cabin.

Just as it was about time to meet Vicki, the sun came out and there was a Rainbow.  This is only half as we were able to see the full rainbow.
Vicki and Phil walking to the boat.
Vicky arrived about 6pm.  We met her at Broadway and W79th Street.  It was good to see her again and once we got close to the W79th Street Boat Basin, we took some photos but she wouldn't like them on the blog since she's been up since 5am LA time.  But I do have a photo of Phil helping her carry her duffle bag to the boat.

Sunset looking at the NJ shore of Hudson River
We watched the beautiful sunset that seems to be best after a day of rain.  Red and night Sailors delight, so I think we'll have good weather tomorrow.
We had our dinner of Chili and cornbread from scratch which tasted very good.  I'm sorry that I had to disappoint Vicki with not having cookies for dessert, but then she was very happy that we had dark chocolate which satisfied her sweet tooth.
Phil, Vicki, and Lorraine
Vicki is all set up on the Port Settee, Phil is asleep and I'll be there soon.  Tomorrow is a day that I don't know if we'll have cell phone access or not.  Feel free to call and leave a message if we don't answer - or send a text message.  We will probably be having watches where we're on for 2 hours and off for 4 hours which will continue around the clock until we get to our next destination.  I probably will not be posting to the Blog again until after we are settles - Sunday I think.  Keep a lookout.

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