Thursday, June 2, 2011

Phil in the Erie Canal afterall

Wednesday, June1
Brewerton, NY

I got a call from Phil saying that the winds were going to be too high  and on the nose from the west (15-20+) knots for them to go onto Lake Ontario.  He called Colin and said to hold coming over until he gives him a call.  The winds were so high yesterday, that one of the battens broke on the Farouck.  Good thing that he had one more extra one to put in and that's been put away until the winds die down.  Of course the locks aren't open and no mention on them opening.  He has met a couple that we met originally in Emerald Bay Marina at the Ice Cream Social and was able to have them sign a quilt square.

Thursday, June 2
Brewerton, NY

Today it was cold so Phil spent the day at the Library to keep warm and to be on their internet using their computers.  It's still windy today and hopefully will calm down tomorrow.  Still no word about the locks opening but with no rain lately and low chance to have it this weekend, then hopefully they will open on Monday.  Phil is really bored and ready to be home, as you can imagine.

Me, I'm back to work and will be putting in plenty of time next week.  I've been checking the blogs that I have on the side of my page and like to keep track of where people I've met are.  Mary from S/V White Seal has her last post of her year of sailing and it's wonderful like usual. I'm sure this is a trip she'll never forget.

Phil sent me some photos that I'm going to include.

Colin on the computer

Changes tied up at Sylvan Beach

Changes tied up at Brewerton, NY

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