Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Phil going to move soon

Tuesday, May 31
Brewerton, NY

I just heard from Phil about upcoming plans for his return.  There is no update about them opening Locks 25 & 26 yet.  Colin is going to go back to the boat on Thursday and they are going to leave on Thursday afternoon.  If the above locks open by then, they will return via Erie Canal.  If not, then they'll go up the Oswego Canal to Lake Ontario, raise the mast and then sail this weekend to the Welland Canal.  He'll need a third person if anyone wants to volunteer to help.  Send me an email at memryqlts@live.com  and I'll call Phil or give me or Phil a call.   You could go up with Colin or meet them along the way.  If the weather cooperates on Lake Erie, they are considering doing an overnight from either Buffalo or Port Colbourne depending on which canal they use to Grand River as it's easy overnight trip. 

If everything goes well, then maybe Phil and Changes will be back 2 weekends from now.

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