Thursday, June 9, 2011

In Lake Erie - the Home Stretch

Wednesday, June 8
Wardells to Port Abino
Distance Traveled:  25.28 nm
Miles traveled to get home:  2236.88
Total Distance Traveled:  4926.87

Phil and Colin left Wardells this morning and were on the Niagara River to get to Black Rock Canal and one final lock.  On the Niagara River, they had a 2 knot negative current, so it was slow going.  I don't have the details of their sail but they arrive before 1pm at Port Abino and caught a mooring ball.

I have to say that Phil has heard a lot of negative comments about Wardell Marina, but he could say enough positive comments about his experience there.  I suggested that he post about his experience, he was that happy.

The plan is for them to leave Thursday (today) afternoon and sail all night until they get home tomorrow afternoon.  One day than I had hoped they would arrive.  Pray for safe travels with the rain that may come.  I asked if Phil was planning on coming to the potluck at GRYC and the answer is yes.  Hopefulle they'll be able to get back early enough that he can take a nap.

It's hard to believe that this trip is almost over.  It's been quite an adventure.  Expect 1-2 more posts and that will wrap this adventure up.

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  1. yeah! almost home! what an adventure, sorry we didn't get a chance to see Phil this trip, but it was fun to see you Lorraine. Have a great summer.