Sunday, June 5, 2011

Upside of Lock 30

Sunday, June 5
Lock 30
Erie Canal, NY

Distance Traveled:  65.8 nm
Miles to get Home:  2113.65 nm
Total Distance:  4803.58 nm

Phil and Colin left lock 24at 535am.  Turns out the the other 3 boats that were also tied up left about 515am so they were way ahead.  They had about a 1 knot adverse current most of the day but got to their final location about 630pm

Phil had unhappy news for Louise and I this morning.  About 230am Phil heard some noise outside, but because of being woken out of sleep, didn't recognize it for what it was.  He went outside and didn't see anything, but this morning found out that 2 full jerry jugs of diesel had been stolen!  He didn't notify the Baldwinsville Police as didn't want to be detained, though I did encourage him to call them and let me know so they can keep a closer eye on the docking area at night in the future.  Who know if he did this.  He has plans when he is close to a hardware store, of buying a cable and locking up the remaining 2 jerry jugs.  The people had to get on the port side and walk over to the starboard side where they were tied up.  Can you believe this???  They left muddy footprints on the deck too.

Phil made supper of a pasts sauce mix with canned green beans, mushrooms and chicken added and warmed up.  They did NOT have leftovers.  Louise and I talked to them this evening updating them on the news here and the weather report.  Phil is glad to be on the way.

Tomorrow they are planning on leaving between 530am to 6am and going as far as they can for the day.  Phil hopes to be in Buffalo, NY by Wednesday.  We will keep a close eye on the weather to determine if he needs to raise the mast.  So far the wind ranges from WSW to SW 8-15 knots depending on the day, so I tend to think that he'll be raising the mast, but we'll see.  Both are working on getting home by next weekend which is great with me.

Today I went to the Sailors Breakfast at GRYC in the morning and those that weren't there missed a great breakfast.  This afternoon and evening I worked visiting a couple patients.  It's good to be seeing patients and helping people again.

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