Sunday, June 19, 2011

Settling In

Phil has been back for a week now and has been busy making life more liveable as we live on Changes at Grand River Yacht Club.  He's gone to the storage unit and gotten some important items out.  We now have the deck umbrella out and clamped down to the deck with new black walnut clamps that he made (can't find the ones we had last fall).  Phil has cleaned out the quarterberth and I'm not allowed to junk it up.  We have it cleared actually so that when my daughter, Katie, comes to live with us in July, she'll be able sleep there and not have to make her bed every day.

Other projects completed:
*The Bad Boy wifi antenna is working and we can connect to our yacht club new wifi hotspot.
*The dock boxes are organized.
*I have my work clothes in my closet organizer
*He wash the port side of Changes with white vinegar, boat soap & water to get the salt crust off the boat.  He'll have to do that on the Starboard side and boy! does it make a difference.  It's shiny once again - but also all the scratches from the trip stand out.  This was a huge job as he has had to wash it 3 times and rinse and he still has some 30 spots to go over again.
*We have the foredeck cover on and just in time for rain that came.  As it wasn't blowing, we were able to have the fore hatch open and air circulation
*The mast frame is down and put away for the next trip.
*I have cleaned the inside of the boat and wash and defrosted the freezer part.  Glad to have a clean refrigerator again.

While Phil has been at the boat, I've been working full-time.  I've got my first paycheck which is nice to be able to start paying off the credit card.

It hasn't been all work.  We enjoy visiting with fellow yacht club members that also live here.  We went out to sail today and decided with the NE winds 17kts and building that we would SAIL back to the docks.  We peaked at 6.38kts with just the jib #2 out.  Yesterday we visited with Phil's Sisters and brother-in law.  We had a very nice time seeing them again.

We are planning on sailing over the Erieau, Ontarion Canada for July 4 weekend and meet up with Ken and Jeanne Blythe on S/V Sail Away.  They'll drive up to meet us.  I wonder what Lisa and Scott are doing on S/V Messenger.  Maybe they can meet us too!  A Bahamas Trip Reunion!

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  1. Lorraine:

    We'd love to get together with you here in Cleveland. I tried emailing you at but the email bounced. Email me at

    Diane and Jim
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