Tuesday, June 7, 2011

End of Erie Canal

Monday June 6
Lockport, NY
Top of Lock 30
Distance Traveled:  79.95 nm
Miles traveled to get Home:  2193.6 nm
Total distance Traveled:  4883.53 nm

Phil and Colin left Baldwinsville at 535am.  After they were gone, Phil decided to call the police to let them know about the jerry jugs of diesel that were stolen.  Turns out that this has been a problem lately, so for anyone traveling with jerry jugs on deck, make sure that you buy a cable to tie them down and lock them.  They didn't take the jugs that Phil had altered the spout either.  Unfortunately, we didn't mark our name or Changes name on the jugs and maybe that would have helped also.  Sure hope the police do something to alleviate this problem.

By 230pm when I called, Changes was going 6 kts boat speed vs 5.1 kts GPS speed.  Phil fixed supper while they were underway of a pasta sauce mix, chicken, canned green beans, mushrooms and it was gone when they were all done.  They continued traveling until about 830pm when they made it to Lockport, which is past their goal of making it to Medina.

Tomorrow they will get to Buffalo and decide where to put up the mast for sailing on Lake Erie.

Tuesday, June 7
Tonanowanda, NY
Distance Traveled:  18 nm
Miles to get Home:  2211.6 nm
Total Distance Traveled:  4901.53 nm

This morning the guys slept in and then waited until heavy rain stopped leaving about 840am as a cat came upto the lock and started going thru.  They quickly tossed off the line and went thru the 2 step locks together and then the cat continued on leaving them behind.  They made it Wardell's to have the mast raised at 1150am and now the mast is up and everything is tightened down.  They will remain at Wardells tonight and have to decide where they are going to stay for the next 2 days.  It looks like Friday morning will be the day they leave to sail from Buffalo (or Port Abino) to Grand River Yacht Club in one stretch as the winds will be clocking to the NE.

I for one can't wait for them to get home and welcome Changes back.

Time for me to go to Capps for Chicken Salad.

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