Friday, June 10, 2011

He's Home

Friday, June 10
Port Albino to GRYC
Distance Traveled:  125.85nm
Miles to get Home:   2362.73 nm
Total Distance Traveled:  5052.70 nm

Phil and Colin left Port Abino yesterday at 515pm to sail through the night to get home today. It took them a while to get out, round Point Abino and get the main sail set so it was for the first 3 hours once they were on Lake Erie at a course of 248 degrees that the wind was on the nose at 9-11 kts. They were going up 1-3 ft wave slowing them to GPS speed 3.5 - 4.5 kts.  ETA was about 730pm on June 10.  It wasn't a lot of fun as the sailors can imagine.  Then about 10pm during Colin's watch, that the winds clocked to the NE so they were going downwind on a starboard tack. About 1am the wind shifted  so Phil jibed the main to port.  Colin took the 3am to 6am watch.  When Phil came back on watch the wind had increased to 13-15 knots and the boat speed was 6.25 - 6.75 kts.  ETA was now was 1:30pm at the entrance to Fairport Harbor.  After noon, Phil came on watch again with the same wind, but as it got closer to Fairport Harbor, the wind decreased to 6 kts.  They pulled in, took down the main in the harbor and pulled into the dock at 2pm with Welcome Home balloon on the end of the dock.  Wouldn't want him to forget which dock to pull into (as if he would).  Docking was a little difficult what with the water touching the docks and the current in the river, but Phil prevailed.

Phil put the fenders that he keeps permanently attached to the dock on and did a few other boat chores like connecting the electric line and look for some items that had moved in the winter time.  Of course he had to talk to a few people that are already here.

I greeted Phil about 5pm when I got home from work.  Suffice it to say that fellow dock members said to take it inside. :)

Phil and I did attend the Potluck and moved some of my clothes back on the boat.  There is a lot for us to do to make our home dock our home for the summer.  We are glad to be back, but also wishing we were in the Bahamas again too.  At this time we are planning on leaving again Fall 2012.

So I would like to get feedback from you, the readers of this blog.  Should I wrap it up with one more post and shut down this blog or continue writing about us getting ready for our next trip.  I'd like to hear from you.


  1. Hi Lorraine, We are John & Pat s/v Eagle We are docked at Sandusky Harbor Marina, formerly from Geneva State Park marina. We have enjoyed following your entire blog and are glad you all are home safe. It is hard to believe you sailed to the Bahamas and back! What a wonderful trip you had. We would love for you to continue your blog Lorraine. We will be looking forward to it. Come and visit us anytime. We are at slip D64 at Sandusky.

    John & Pat Kirkland

  2. Thank you John and Pat. What a wonderful thing to say. I appreciate your feedback. We would love you to come visit us anytime also at Grand River Yacht Club dock 20N. We will stop by if we are in the area!