Monday, August 23, 2010

Food Project and Bon Voyage Party

This past weekend, Phil and I tackled the food project - of determining what from the dock boxes we were going to bring, what we are giving away to Katie or the food bank and where we will put it and get it there.  It took us working on and off over the 2 days, but we have gotten almost finished and we were able to complete with minimum conflict.  We are waiting for better weather than yesterday with all the wind to vacuum seal the dehydrated food I made last summer, maybe on Wednesday.  We also took a trip down to Trader Joe's while it was raining to get more of their canned beef, but was disappointed to learn that they're not making it at the moment, hope to come out with it again ... in the fall.  Maybe we'll be able to go to one in Newport News, VA.  Phil was inventive and we were able to put many of the jars of salsa in the bilge along the edge of the water tank under the port settee.

I've gotten the V-berth quilt finished - hand sewed the binding on Wednesday evening, so I'm glad that is finished.

We are also having a Bon Voyage Party Friday evening at the GRYC Potluck which starts @ 6pm for cocktails and we usually start to eat at 645pm.  All club members, friends and work colleagues are invited to attend and bring a dish to share.  Please email me or call as Phil and I are providing hamburgers and we want to have enough.  We have also decided to provide Brats with homemade sauerkraut.  I would be great to see everyone one last time.

Saturday we are having a private family get together at the dock.  I'm glad to say that my parents and Katie will be making the trip up from Dayton for the night.  Katie will stay on the boat with us and my parents will get a hotel room.

It's hard to believe that that we have 12 days left including today.  How the time if flying.  I hope that the winds we are having this week calms down enough for our trip to Buffalo.  On a good note, I have been approved for the new health insurance that starts Sept 20.

Projects this week are getting the dock boxes attached to the fence after Phil makes a platform for them, vacuum sealing the dehydrated food, activate the GSP Messenger. I'm sure there is more, but can't think of them at the moment.

It's been great keeping up with Missing Link and I'm glad that their mast is up and on the Hudson River. We are hoping that Phil's dtr, Vicky will be able to join us for a couple weeks in Albany NY to help us with the transit to Norfolk, VA.  She was with Phil and Andy when they crossed the Atlantic Ocean on Andy's Prout Cataraman so will be a great asset and well as we love to see her.

It hasn't been all work this weekend.  We took a dinghy ride to the harbor entrance on Friday evening.  We were quite comfortable as we put the beach chairs in the dinghy to ride in.  Saturday morning the winds were from the South, so took Changes out and went along the shore reaching up and down the "E" mark watching the boats round the mark for the Grand River Sailing Club Regatta.  It was great to watch the spinakers start to fly and we got back in plenty of time before the rain started.


  1. I can't believe it, Sept. 4th! OMG! I wish we could be there to wish you Bon Voyage, but alas, it won't happen. You need to let me know how to keep in touch, hopefully you will continue to blog. Tell Phil & Katie hello, it's so exciting, it's almost here!

  2. I do plan to blog and there is email and also our cell phone while we are in the states, which should be until early December. Will give warning when we leave the states. Thanks! Lorraine