Monday, August 9, 2010

Counting Down the Days

I have now changed the countdown from weeks to days.  Hard to believe that there is less than 4 weeks to go.  Have let my boss know my last day at work, which is Sept 1.  Will have my new health insurance starting Sept 22 courtesy of Bill Pethel, our friend and health insurance agent.  We heard today that Katie is now taken care of also for health insurance.  We have most of our main projects done except for getting the boat surveyed and cutting off the back of the Feruk and sewing zippers so we can attach to the bimini.  The survey is scheduled for Wednesday.  The boat will be lifted at 830am and the surveyor should be there.  I understand that it will be an all day project.  We hope to get insurance for the boat for the Great Lakes and also Coastal.  One word of advice for anyone thinking about doing this.  Plan years ahead and have an insurance company that does coastal coverage even though you don't need it so that when you do want to add the coastal rider, it will be a smooth transition.  We know wished we have changed insurance companies a couple years ago even though we are happy with the one we have.

We have completed the forehatch cover project.  We are really happy with how it turned out.  But for anyone thinking of making one, make sure that you measure from the deck, up to where the halyard will be holding it up and down to the deck again to get the full width.  We measured along the deck and it's not as wide as I had wanted it to be, but it will work.  Not that I'm wanting rain, but would be nice to see if it works like we hope.  We have made it longer in the fore and aft direction so that it cover the head hatch too.  Here are a couple photos.

Forehatch Cover

Forehatch cover from a distance

I also completed the head (aka bathroom for land lubbers) wastebasket cover.  I'm happy with it and it's much better than looking at a plastic shopping bag.  I got the plastic holder at Blystones and used water resistant thick on velcro hook on the plastic and sewed on the velcro loop to the fabric.  I suppose you could have the plastic bag loops hang over the fabric but I prefer to have it all hidden.  Here are photos.

Bag just starting to put on cover

The loops are in place in their slots

Loops covered 
Finished - 15" long

looking in the head door so you can see where it hangs

We also spent some time with Phil's side of the family going to the Donovan Family Reunion - his first cousin Jean is a Donovan and she has 8 kids and anyone closely related comes.  We were lucky to have Willy Rawlins sister, Kathy attend and she'll be 101 in November.  Great to see and talk with her and she does look her age. It was also nice to see Kathleen, Brian and Mary Beth and Karen and Jerry from Wash D.C. and all the others.   Here is a photo of the whole group.
Donovan Family Reunion
We have changed plans slightly for our leave date.  Instead of Friday, Sept 3, we are looking at Saturday, Sept 4 or Sunday the 5th.  I need a couple more days after I stop work and we have decided not to go across to Erieau, Ontario Canada and instead head off directly towards Buffalo.  So I will I will change my countdown day to leave on Saturday to split the difference.  Wish us luck and prayers that we pass the survey on Wednesday and that we get the insurance we hope for.

Phil has also completed making the frame to store the mast as we are going down the Erie Canal.  We have decided to burn our name and the boat's name into the wood with the hot knife so that it's permanently attached in hopes to use the wood again on the return trip.  It's worth a try anyway.  Remember the old woodburning tools that we had as kid?  That's just what it smells like when we use the hot knife.
Phil at the bow support.

Mast Frame at the stern which he plans to keep there until  not needed anymore
Next project is to cut off the extra of the Feruk, sew zipper onto the front flap and the end of the Feruk so that we can have one continuous cover while at anchor.  I'll  ask Phil to post the story of why we call our awning a Feruk.  It goes way back.  Till next time.

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