Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend projects

Saturday, Phil and I went shopping in the morning.  I got him 3 pair of convertible nylon pants and a couple spf/wick dry T-shirts.  We also bought on clearance the Spot GPS Messenger.  This is a device that will let you know where we are using Google Maps.  It will enable us to contact 10 pre determined people Phil and I select to notify them by email or another method with a pre-created message when we have reached our next location, or if we need help but not an emergency.  It also enables us to call 911 and have search and rescue come and assist us.  I will put in the blog a window which will let you know where we are using this device.  An example is on the Missing Link Blog.
After we got back we did cut the back of the Feruk off and sewed a zipper to it and the front of the Bimini to connect the two.   Of course, we had to do it in HOT and HUMID weather.  :)  But it is done and looks good.  We have saved the 2 back pieces to sew onto the zippers on the side of the bimini.  Sorry but no pictures yet.  It's nice to have the entire height under the bimini open.  Saturday evening we got dressed in our Key West attire and attended the GRYC Rendezvous. We had a great time visiting, eating, and dancing.  As we had a long day, we were very tired and called it a day by 930pm and bed by 1030pm.

Sunday was a day for more projects to get done.  I had an enjoyable time working on making and attaching the binding for the V-berth quilt. It's all done, except for me doing the hand sewing part, which is relaxing for me.  Our slip mates, Marty and Margie of S/V Minnie, along with Phil kept me company chatting through the morning and sharing a light lunch as they have been kind enough to let us borrow their picnic table on many of an occasion.  Then after they went to the beach in the dinghy, we spent a couple hours vacuum sealing instant milk powder, though we did want to follow them on Changes.  In the previous posting, I showed you the 2 huge cans of instant whole milk Peak Powder I ordered.  I also had bought 2-10# cans on instant non-fat milk powder.  It turns out the I really didn't buy enough of the nonfat milk powder.  Phil and I decided to seal the milk powder in individual packets to fit the 3.6 cup size Lock-N-Lock containers - which turns out to be enough powder to make a gallon of milk, which we'll make 1-2 qts at a time.  We did a lot of figuring, but in the end we were able to work out the formula to make 1% milk, which is what we prefer.  We got about 12 or more packages of 1% milk powder sealed, and then had more of the whole milk powder left, which we also sealed into about 5 packages.  Phil will be able to us that for cream in his coffee.  We still have the other  can of whole powder milk yet to be used.  It lasts unopened until 2013, so we have to decide whether to take it with us or leave in storage. I think that will be decided as a last minute entry.  The end result is that when we can, we will buy milk and save the instant milk powder packets for the Bahamas.  I had thought about buying 2 more cans of the instant non-fat powder milk, but didn't as I thought that might be overkill, I don't want Phil to strangle me, AND I don't think that we'd have a place to store it on the boat.  As it is, most of the milk powder is stored under the V-berth.  Our goal is NOT to sink Changes with everything we are putting on board.

Last but not least, our weekend ended with having dinner over at our friends Phil and Terri.  We had a wonderful time and a great dinner.  Thanks to them for their hospitality!!  They have chickens and guinea hens, which are interesting to watch and we got to see the improvements made on their new (to them) RV before they leave for their first camping trip. 

Tonight we actually cooked supper, and also worked on bedding the starboard stern rail with dolphinite, a substance that never hardens completely but is designed to keep out the water.  Next is to do the Port side, which is much harder in that Phil can't see what he's doing as he has to reach it from inside the back of the quarterberth inside the boat with me on top holding the screwdriver.  A job for another night.

It hard for me to believe that I have 2 1/2 weeks of work left.  Time is going by fast!  There are also last minute details to take care of.  I'm waiting for some special long underwear to come, which is suppose to keep me warm and wick and evaporate water, also my next text book for College.  Phil's working on getting a new driver's license, getting mail at Virginia's, ordering water jugs.  He's getting 4-2.5gal and 2-5 gal jugs so we can get 20gal of water at a time (that's half of the size of the water tanks).  He's joking that I'll be carrying the 5 gal jugs - I say that even though he's older than me, he still has all the muscles.  We're getting the kind Lin and Larry Pardey recommend.  They are a couple who have cruised for years on a sailboat without an engine and have written many books.  I still have to look at my clothing and decide what I will take and what I will leave in storage; Need to work our arrangements for storing my van. Phil's working on what to do with his car.  I'm also working on ordering the last refills on mail order medications.

We are also looking on finding a marina that is close to West Palm Beach, Florida that has a reasonable weekly rate.  If there is anyone that has any experience in marinas in the North Palm Beach to Lake Worth, FL area, I'd welcome feedback and information.  I'm still hopeful that Katie will be able to join us after seeing her father over Thanksgiving.  We feel certain that we'll be able to get down there in plenty of time so that it won't be a problem being able to meet up at a time and place convenient for all involved, unless there is a severe storm or hurricane.   So many details, that I'm sure will be worked out in their own time.

Last but not least, there is also discussion of a Bon Voyage Party, which if there is one, we would like to have on Saturday, August 28.  Nothing has been worked out yet, but I will post as soon as I have any news.


  1. When you enter Onieda lake make sure your mast is secured fore and aft also. We had a rough crossing and if ours had not been secured I am sure it could of toppled the supports as I have heard of happening. Someone capsized the day we crossed the lake and drowned.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Phil just bought 8 more ratchet straps so that we have plenty to secure the mast. Glad that you got through safely. We have heard that it is a bad lake to cross. Lorraine