Sunday, August 1, 2010

Completed Bimini - Visiting Family and Friends

Phil and I worked 8 hours on Sunday, 3 hours Monday evening and 2 hours on Tuesday to finish the Bimini.  I think it looks great - very professional if I say so myself.  We have become quite a team working on these bigger sewing projects, and besides Saturday working in 95F+ heat, we got along pretty good too!  :)  Tuesday Phil and Kathleen went on a motorboat ride on Changes to work the engine, since it hasn't been used very much this season - yet.  He put the almost completed Bimini on and love it.  I think he wonders why we didn't make it years ago (have had the tubing to do this 15-20 years)  Just needed incentive I guess.
Complete Bimini
close up of flap and side reinforcement
Lorraine Posing 
Yesterday was a busy day.  First we went to Kinkos - excuse me the UPS Store - where they scanned a picture Sue Brannan took of Phil and I on Changes and we had it made into new boat cards.  It's great!  You give them the information, they make a work up - 1 hr later you approve and they print while you wait.  So we had 100 printed at that time.  They gave us a disc with the business card on it, so we can have more printed anywhere in the US.

Armed with our new boat cards, we went to Pennsylvania to visit family. cousin, Nancy and Melvin's youngest son Adam graduated from high school, so we went to his graduation party in Union City.   Adam is going to have more training this fall and is enjoying his summer off.  It was great to see everyone, as you know a lot of time it's years between visits.

Melvin Cole, Larry Masiker

Samantha, Barb, Nancy (in background) Masiker and Kathy Smith
 Then we were lucky that the other side of the family (Dad's side) were also having a family get together on the same day, so we drove over there.  Had a great time and also saw family that haven't seen in years too.  Time sure did fly by for me - doing my favorite thing talking and soon it was time to go.  So glad to see everyone again and glad also that they are doing well.  If anyone else has digital pictures of the get-togethers, I would love to have copies.
Dad, Phil, Glenn, and Mom

Today Barb and Ted Zimmerman, old friends of Phil are coming to visit us.  I hope that we'll have enough wind for a nice calm sail.  It's sunny, winds from the east, and 20% chance of rain, so I'm sure we'll have a great time visiting with them.

Even though I have been posting, some of you may have noticed that you haven't been getting the link that tells you that I have posted.  I've been so busy, that I haven't been able to do that.  I've been posting on the Apple computer, but the distribution list is on my PC Computer.  Tried to send the list to myself and didn't work.  So when I saw the new gadget "Subscribe" I decided to see how that worked for you.  On the right is an area that you can subscribe to the posts - and if you do that, when I post it will come directly to the email you direct it to.  Please give that a try. thinks I may be a spammer and they limit to 300 emails a day and though I send out 3 emails, each person's address counts as one on their list.  Let me know if you can't subscribe and I'll be working on getting the distribution list to my Apple computer to send out the link to make it easier for me to update you.


  1. Wow! The Bimini looks so professional! Congrats you 2 on working together. 5 years coming up...

  2. Thanks Vicki - We had a great night celebrating our anniversary - dinner at Chesters and dancing at Debonne Winery to Castaway.