Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve - Nassau Bahamas

Thursday, Dec 30
Changes at Anchor with Atlantis behind here

 Yesterday morning we went walking to Potters Cay to check out the produce markets.  We bought some sweet potatoes and bananas, which I immediately ate two of.  Then we walked to see the fishing boats.  One had stacks of conch that they were selling, but we've had enough conch for now.  Further down there were a few boats selling fish so we decided to buy some.  Maurice had bags of red snapper so we bought a $10 bag and for $3 he cleaned them for us.
bags of fish availa
What a deal for us as neither of us are fishing people and would have to read the book I bought on how to clean fish.  We tucked it in the cooler backpack that I bought when we were in St. Marys, GA - I'm so glad that I've bought that as we have used it many times.

Maurice leaning our fish on the left

Afterwards we walked up Mackey Street to try and find the AID hardware store.  First we came to Bookworld which is a huge (for Bahama standards) book/office/art supply store.  We bought a couple items and then from the cashier found out that AID was very far up the street.  We decided to take a bus and was dropped fairly close.  AID stands for Automotive Industrial Distributors.  Phil did get what he was looking for and I also got a new hand mixer for cooking and this long brush which I'm hoping will help clean about the holding tank.  We took the bus back and was dropped off at the Green Parrot for the cruisers lunch they have every Thursday @ 1230pm.  we met Nick and Carolyn.  Nick is President of the Search Foundation.  He provides the Bahamas weather on VHF Channel 72 at 710am which is repeated immediately after wards (usually 720am) on SSB channel 4.003 (I think).  Carolyn provides the Bahamian weather on the Waterway Net. We had a great time chatting with them both and later we were joined by a local couple, Craig and Cecilia.
Cecilia, Craig, Nick and Carolyn at Green Parrot

We enjoyed the good food and after lunch Phil went back to the boat and Carolyn was kind enough to take me to Home Fabrics on her way to her next destination.  I was hoping to find another Pigma Micron pen for signing my quilt squares - it wasn't to be them having one but I did get 3 skeins of yarn for another project I've been thinking about.  This store has crafts and fabrics and some art supplies.  It's really crowded in there and even though they had 4 cash registers going, there was still a line as they were having Christmas items 50% off.  I almost bought some fabric for my future quilt, but didn't.  I also called Bookworld to see if they had the pens I was looking for and they said no.  So I started walking home.  No too far south of the norther shore, there is a fairly big hill that runs parallel to the short.  Mount Royal road is very narrow here - in fact on each side of the road is lined with the cut out rock - there is NO room alongside the road - wish I had taken a photo to show you.  As it's scared me to walk on the road in this spot, I went further east to the next road.  As I could see that there was at least a couple feet alongside the road at the top of the hill, I decided Montrose Rd was safe enough to walk.  The traffic is crazy here - lots of horns blowing and lots of traffic.  Remember that the cars drive on the left side of the road, so it's very hard to predict where cars are going to be when as we are crossing the streets.  Very nerve racking for me anyways.  Long story short - I did make it home.

red snapper
I fixed the fish for supper - It turned out really good.  I cooked the fish whole and in the photo above is a whole fish cooked and the other one has half the fish already eaten showing the bones.  We had rice from a sauce mix and carrot to round out the meal.

We read some more and I went to bed at 9pm.  I was tired from all the walking we did today.

When we were in Potters Cay harbor area, we found Island Gal II which had left it's anchor. This is how she looks now.  Too Bad.  We found out from Nick who we could have called about it when we saw the line starting to chafe through.
Island Gal II

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