Friday, December 17, 2010

Chub Cay to Fraiser Cay to Nassau Bahamas

Friday, Dec 17

This morning started with calm winds that have built by 9am to about 10 knots.  Phil has gone to check in at Customs and after listening to Dave Parker weather, we will sail to Fraiser Cay to get a mooring ball, about 5 nm to wait out cold front coming this weekend and sail (we hope vs motoring) to Nassau on Monday.  It's in the Mid 70's at the moment and sunny skies with fluffy clouds.

This morning I hemmed one of Phil's Columbia spf pants and hope to do the other two, but will see. We have also been listening to the VHF radio and it's interesting to hear what's going on with everyone.  We do hear some boats that we've seen on our way down here.

Our main concern now is seeing if it's possible for my sister to mail/fed express/UPS a few days of Katie's medications to Nassau Yacht Yaven.  I have sent them an email to find out information.  Hopefully, they will hit "reply all" so that Cheryl will get the information if I don't have internet access.  I know that they do have internet at Frasier Cay so hope all goes well and that this process is simple.

Take care and will post more when have the opportunity.


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  1. Thought you might find these downloadable Gov. pdf files handy if you are not already aware of them.

    Sailing Directions:

    SECTOR 1 (9 PAGES)

    SECTOR 2

    Sure wish I was there! It's cold and nasty here.
    Paul C