Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crossing Over Gulf Stream to Bahamas

Wednesday, Dec 15

It's 530pm and we recently pass the Miami Inlet Channel.  The winds are N 3-6 knots and once we get to the Key Biscayne waypoint, we will be turning left (East) and crossing the Gulf Stream tonight.  Once we are crossed into the Bahamas, we plan to go directly without anchoring to Nassau to try to get there before the winds clock to SE and get too strong (lower to mid teens) as that would be on the nose.  We listened to Chris Parker weather this morning, and it sounds like we'll be able to get there in time.  If not, then we will anchor or tuck in somewhere to wait out the increased winds.

I have scheduled Lorraine's, Phils, and the MiFi (broadband) phones to be put on suspend starting tomorrow.  We can be reached today as long as there is cell phone signal available.  Katie's phone plan has been changed to an individual plan so that she can still use her cell phone and be able to have unlimited mobile to mobile minutes with Verizon Cell Phone users.  We do plan to be a Bahamian cell phone, but still will be more expensive than Verizion.  In the meantime, I have OoVoo - which can be downloaded from the internet for free.  My username is Changesgoingsouth - easy to remember.  When I'm online, I will sign in to OoVoo and will talk to anyone that is online at the time.  Also email is a good way to contact us, but may take time for us to answer because we'll have to use someone else's wifi instead of our own.  I will post to the blog as I'm able. Probably do what our friend Ken does and type the posts in Word and then cut and paste, so keep checking and you may be surprised in a few days with how much I have to say.

This is exciting for me that we are really crossing!  Our dream is true!  We plan to stay at some point at Nassau Yacht Haven Marina,  On their web page I was able to find this address: 
The Nassau Yacht Haven Marina, PO Box SS-5693,  Nassau, Bahamas.  Maybe that's all that is needed as it's a small place.  If you want to send us something that can get there before Christmas, make sure you have Phil Dolsen, S/V Changes in the address so that it gets to us.  Please email me first at so we know that something is coming.  At this time, I don't know when we'll get there and how long we'll be staying.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


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