Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lake Worth, FL

Thursday, Dec 9
Distance Traveled:  58.29nm
Total Distance:  1882.43nm

We arrived in Lake Worth just at the end of twilight at 535-540pm.  We put together the dinghy and found that there wasn't a dinghy dock but a beach just before the bridge to pull up on which was difficult to find in the dark.  We returned back to Changes with Katie and I fixed spaghetti for supper with spinach.  It was something quick eat.  Phil washed dishes and Katie put them away and we read until it was time to get ready for bed.

We woke at 6am to the alarm clock, rain, 56F outside, 66F inside with less condensation on the overhead and windows.  We then turned on the Ham radio to listen to Chris Parker for weather.  Unfortunately we couldn't hear him too well until other boats were calling in asking for weather based on where they are and planning on going. We listened to the weather radio also.  Here, it is raining and since we're not going to cross the Bahamas now, we've decided to stay put and go to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow when it will be clear skies and in the lower 70's.  Our original plan was to go today, but that's how it works cruising.  Things can change very quickly based on weather.

I've been smelling increased holding tank & head smells a few days, so checked out the hanging locker as the head hose goes through it to the pump out deck fitting and smelled odor yesterday.  I found that one of my dresses was wet with foul smelling odor and also a pair or dress pants - so out they went into the rain in the cockpit.  Phil investigated the hanging locker and thinks that it may be leak when pumping out.  He cleaned inside well, but I don't think our problems are over quite yet as the smell has increased with the last use of the head.  Not great when you have to have the boat closed due to it raining.  I guess this is the time to remind myself that I could be working. 

I noticed at work that Hospice of the Western Reserve, whom I work for, has a new CEO.  I'm sure changes will be coming when I work again next summer.

When I bought the new sheets, they came in a rectangular plastic case that I used on the port shelf to put my long sleeve shirts in.  It works very well, so I'm thinking of copying the dimensions and making some of my own to put my clothes in.  Now to get some plastic to cut and sew.  Now where is the fabric or craft store when you need them??

As of today, we're planning on going to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow or Saturday, find an inexpensive marina to whole up in for the next cold front to come through Sun and Monday and get ourselves in a position to cross when the next weather window comes - whenever that may be.  We hope in a week.  Need to call Verizon Wireless to see if Phil and I can go on suspend and still keep Katie's phone active.

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