Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve - Nassau Bahamas continued

Friday, Dec 31

Nassau Bahamas

Phil and I want to wish everyone a Happy New Years!  We hope that it's blessed for you all.

This morning Phil and I decided to get some chores done.  We went first to get the propane tank filled.  Chris was there and we found today that typically what happens is that you drop if off at 8am the previous day and pick it up the next day.  Chris was kind enough to fill out tanks today as they have a 3 days holiday here this weekend and they won't be open until Tuesday.  He had some errands that he had to run as as It's 1m now, I expect that Phil has already gotten the filled tank.

Turns out that to replace the zincs, there is a part on the engine that is not coorperating in loosening the bolt.  last time this happen, Phil broke one of the parts (sorry that I can't be more specific) and he had to order a new one.  We don't want that to happen again, so we are going to walk to Aubrey's Hardward to get the 12point 1" wench part that Phil needs.  We walked past Bookworld again and I went inside and in the art department they had the Pigma Micron pens that I wanted!!!  I bought 4 of them so I'm sure not to run out for this project.  Then we continued up the road to get to Aubrey's store.  We stopped at a gas station to get water and I also bought $20 more minutes for the BTC cell phone.  As we continued walking, we saw an auto parts store across the street.  They didn't have the part that we wanted but recommended that we try Cartwright's Garage further down the street in the direction we came from.  Phil agreed to go back and they had the parts we wanted at a lesser price.  Yeah!  No 1-2 mi walk.  I wanted to go to internet so Phil went back to the boat with the agreement to meet at 1pm - Sorry that it's past.  So will be leaving to meet him soon, but wanted to get these posts done.

We are planning on going to Junkanoo tomorrow about 3-4am to watch the parade that starts at 2am.  The wind is to be from the East and we are more protected anchored where we are d/t Potters Cay blocking the winds.  Monday we are planning on leaving to Normans Cay unless something changes drastically with the weather. 

Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm.  The weather forecast for the next 5 days is lows in the mid 60's and high in the mid 70's.


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