Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Solomons Island - Zahniser Marina

Wednesday, Oct 13
Distance Traveled:  30nm
Total Distance:  804.52nm

This morning we raised anchor at 847am to winds from the N 8-9 knots with blue skies.  Phil took the first watch, as usual, while I stayed warm down below.  He steered us to the Chesapeake Bay where the winds picked up to the mid teens.  About 915am Phil let out the head sail and we motor sailed South most of the way.  It was pretty rolly polly for me down below, so I took a Merezine and made sure everything that was making noise was secured.

As a side note, while shopping with Victoria in Annapolis, I bought a Thermos brand 1.25 qt thermos that is to keep liquids cold or hot 24 hours.  Well it worked as the water Phil put in yesterday morning was still hot enough for me to make tea for me this morning.  It will be nice to have hot water for any future passages we make at night to make hot chocolate or tea. 

About 1245pm Phil made PB&J sandwiches.  It wasn't a rolly as the wind angle was about 150-160degrees.  We passed Drum Point about 145pm and the winds were still from the N 9-10 knots.  At one point I counted 14 sailboats and 3-4 motor boats behind us.  We decided to get a mooring ball at Zahniser Marina as there is going to be increased wind over the next few days and Phil heard that the mud doesn't make for good holding in the Chesapake Bay.  We did hit bottom as Phil passed the mooring ball and was trying to turn around to make another pass.  Not to worry as he put the engine in reverse and we backed off without a problem.  So we were moored at 227pm.  We got the dinghy put together, which entails putting the fuel tank and hose in the boat,  taking the outboard motor off it's rack on the stern rail and me handing it the Phil who puts it on the boat, and handing down the beach chair and 2 life jackets.  We then went to the dinghy dock which is very close by and on the way to the marina office, we checked out the restrooms and showers (look good).  They are very friendly at the marina office and have bicycles that are available for free. Some have baskets, so while Phil went back to the boat to get the backpacks, I checked out 2 of the bikes (one has a basket on the handle bars).  Not too far away is a seafood market open from 11a - 7pm and a gourmet food market and a West Marine.  We visited the West Marine first.  We were able to exchange my LED head lamp for a new one, get a solar powered LED lantern for the cockpit and order a 10# propane tank. The great thing about this LED lantern is that it can be charged one of 3 ways: an included 12volt cigarette lighter charger, wall outlet charger and it can also be solar charged.  The propane tank should arrive Friday if we're lucky.  They are shipping it in from the New Bern store, which is the only one that has one.  Most places have them back ordered.  Worse case it will come in on Monday.   I also looked at the rearm kits for my new life jacket.  I didn't think to bring the life jacket with me to compare the current CO2 cartridge, so we will do that tomorrow.  It's close enough that we can take the dinghy and tie up behind.  Just need to see if they have the right kind to fit my life jacket.

After West Marine we checked out the Gourmet Grocery store. After realized how much more expensive it is, we put everything back except the Kashi cereal and decided to ride the bikes down to Food Lion.  We are now stocked up and don't have to go out again for food this weekend.  It is slightly uphill going to the Food Lion store.  The bikes we borrowed are only one speed, so  by the time we got to the store my leg were tired out.  Reminds me of the bike I use to ride as a kid with the brakes initiated by back pedaling.  It was quite the juggling act putting the groceries in the backpacks and in the baskets.  We took anything in a box out of the box and disposed of the boxes in the store's trash can.  We each had 2 bags hanging from the handlebars in addition to having full backpacks and my bike basket full.  Glad that it was mostly downhill going back to the boat as we were heavily laden what with getting some meat, fruit and vegetables and milk, which are heavy items to carry.  Also learned that if we do get baskets on our bikes, would be better to have them over the rear tire so they don't affect steering.  While we were at the grocery store getting the MVP card, a woman in line behind me to do the same thing asked if we were boaters.  Yes - must of been pretty obvious.  Lesley and her husband, Mitch live on a 42' custom built trawler "Absolutely" which is at Calverts Marina since there wasn't enough room to anchor where we are. It's also their first year going south.  Maybe we'll hook up again with them in the future.

Tonight I made one pot meal of chicken thighs, carrots, onion, snow peas and sliced potatoes (used the ones cooked last night).  Was a good meal and have enough to warm up another day.  We are expecting some windy, rainy weather.  I've been feeling like making Gingerbread so will see what tomorrow brings.  It would be a good item to bring with us visiting others in their boat.  Last Tango is also moored here a few boats down.  We met  Gary and Patty Root on the Water Taxi on the way to and back from the Tartan/C&C Yachts celebration.  Hopefully we get a chance to talk to them again.

Wanted to let everyone know that I haven't been sending out the email via the distribution list as I've been posting every 1-3 days.  If it gets to a time that it's less frequently than that, I'll send out an email giving you a heads up to check.  Otherwise, I figure you can check yourselves.

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