Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting Ready to Move

Phil and I have been pretty busy the last week. We had the inspection last Saturday - went well and then found out NO conditions from the buyer - Had the Bank Appraisal last Sunday - the appraiser expected us to be able to meet the asking price. Now we're waiting to hear by the end of this coming week, if the bank expects any repairs to be done. I also finished up my last week on the Mentor Alt Home East team. Really enjoyed working with that team, but will be working somewhere else when I'm done with vacation. Will find out where just before I return.

In preparation for moving us onto the boat this week, I found a new umbrella for our deck dock space. It's a $50 special from Marcs, but so far think it works well. We were there this morning, as we slept on the boat Friday, and a gust of wind knocked it over, so Phil is going to make wood U-shaped blocks to screw over the legs of the umbrella to keep it upright. A lot cheaper than the umbrella base we saw in a add and being made of wood, it shouldn't rub away the paint so doesn't rust as fast (we hope). In the above picture, you can see Pat Schlauch in the background as she and her husband George us for afternoon appetizers and our favorite wines (and whiskey for some - George). It's nice to have friends come to visit.I have the next 2 weeks off from work to help get us moved out by June 24. We hope to be completely moved out by the June 20 and then have the last 4 days to get it cleaned for the new buyers. The work shop will be the last to be emptied, so that it's available for the odd projects that need to be done.

Phil with my assistance, emptied out the knee walls or the 3rd floor. It's amazing how much we had stored there. I'm doing my best to get rid of anything not necessary or sentimental. I took pictures, but unless I get comments that you want to see them, will spare you having to look. (You're welcome) One job was moving the old letters and all the photos. Me being me - I had to look at some and decided to sorted out the duplicates photos and send the ones that I think my ex-husband might be interested in having and mail to him. Also spent some time (not a lot) reading some old letters. Found some of my calendars that I have kept through the years One is from 1979 when I first started working at Bailey Meter and I have when I had the interview and the job offer. Another from 1986 when I came back from New Orleans, so it sure has been a trip down memory lane. I've enjoyed seeing the pictures of when the kids were small and found one of me also that Phil scanned. Story: Got to love those glasses - my first ones for lazy eye. I'm 7 in this photo at our house in Mentor Headlands with my birthday kitten. I didn't have the kitten long, as she died. My mom said that she was climbing a fence and fell and got crushed. I was sad and didn't have a new kitten to replace this one. Don't remember what I named her.

But now that all the photos and other items are packed in tubs, we have them carried them to the living room in ready to be taken out to storage. I have learned that it's better to put them in sealed tubs so keep out the mice. Can you believe that some mice chewed some negatives???

Talking about storage, we have been fortunate to learn that a fellow GRYC member has storage space in Fairport Harbor, which is not far from GRYC, and Phil signed a lease to rent a 14'x18' room. It's not heated, but is in a building within a building so no mice. I haven't had the pleasure to see it yet, but am sure I will on Tuesday. Tuesday is the day that we rent a moving truck and transport the big pieces of furniture. We are planning to hire a couple teenage boys to do the heavy lifting. In preparation, Phil has been busy building a wooden platform structure that the couch, chairs, and recliner will go under so that we can put other items on top to make maximum use of the verticle space. Phil is also in the process of making cherry book shelves (2) to go in Changes to hold our books - he's made them big enough so that my school textbooks will fit in them.He is varnishing them with the same varnish used inside the boat - he's told me what kind - but I don't remember. Happens especially if I don't write it down. We're fortunate that we have almost 2 quarts of this varnish, as it's not made anymore.

Some of you know that we've been trying to work out what to do about having a permanent address once we sell the house. My sister-in-law, Virginia, has agreed to let us use her address and also to forward the mail to us. So we're VERY grateful for her doing this. She's going to be coming to our house tomorrow (Sunday, which is really today as I post this message) to help us pack. We'll start in the dining room and empty out the big pieces of furniture that we'll be moving.

I had a hard time sleeping last night as about 1130pm rain started coming in the hatch. Being a girl - woke up Phil for him to close the hatch. If you've never been in a V-berth on a warm evening and no air circulation - be happy. Eventually I fell asleep, but then didn't wake until 830am. Now I'm having a hard time sleeping as I took at nap 430p (I was tired!) So tonight we're sleeping at home - which is just as good as there is a lot of rain and a tornado watch until 9am and I'm having a hard time going to sleep. Just waiting for the Benadryl to kick in.

May be a while before I post again as going to visit Rachel next weekend.

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