Saturday, June 12, 2010

House Sold - Moved onto Changes

Hi everyone,

I tried to write a post while I was in the Denver Airport, but didn't work, so now that Katie and I are at the hotel, will try again.

So the house is officially sold. The appraisal went through w/o any requests!!! This is Lynn Bender putting up the Sold sign while Phil got the moving truck in position to start moving the big furniture out of the house.
This is Lynn's "official" photo

Phil hired 2 teenage boys, Brett and RJ, to help with the move. They did a great job and worked really hard. Thanks to Phil and them, we have all of the heavy furniture either moved to the storage unit or on the first floor for our moving sale tentatively scheduled Friday morning, June 18. I started out taking pictures at the beginning, but there was too much to do and we got tired out, so there are not any after pictures. I did take pictures (below) of the Fairport Harbor Warehouse storage area when we visited the other day. These two items above were the heaviest and the most difficult to move, though with all the stairs, none of it was easy. It turned out that this 24 foot moving van was full by the time we were done. We had pizza and wings for lunch on the back patio and the boys did not disappoint me with their appetites which is great because we didn't want leftovers! We were able to put the items in the storage unit efficiently, which I hope will leave enough room for the woodworking equipment and the rest of the smaller stuff.

The door above leads into a bathroom which is where we were able to put a lot of the tubs with room for more.

So after the move, Phil and I had supper at Joey's Italian Grill in Chardon as neither of us wanted to cook. Then Phil and I went to GRYC to move onto the boat. I had gotten 2 new duffle bags and was glad to see that the largest one fits on the shelf where I hoped it would. I put some of our belonging in my "closet" and on the boat and then we just relaxed enjoying nature. Unfortunately i had to make a trip back to the Chardon house to pick up my itinerary for my trip, and while I was there, I also was able to get some items for Phil. He wasn't lonely though, as George and Pat Schlaugh kept him company after they came back from a very nice sail.

Phil's plan is to attach the bookcases he made for the boat and probably get as much sailing in as he can while I'm visiting Rachel. Next week we'll be working on moving the smaller stuff out of the house and cleaning. We plan to be completely out of the house by June 24.

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  1. congratulations! what a load off of the shoulders! and now to the fun stuff. I am having fun reading the story, it's been ten years now since we did it in 2000 :) wow.