Sunday, May 30, 2010

Working on moving onto the boat

Saturday, May 29 81F @ 6:46pm

We signed a secondary contract yesterday evening, which will be a backup buyer if the deal falls through. This morning Buyers #1 had the house inspected, and preliminary results are that it went well. Tomorrow late morning, the bank will have the house appraised, so hope that they appraise it for at least the price of the loan - and that they don't require us to replace the roof.

Yesterday, Phil put a deck for the table and chairs at our dock, and as you can see, we are already enjoying the companionship of our dock mates. Jack on the left, Phil being funny, Jack Reinhard, his daughter Hannah and brother, Bud.

I also was working on making a fitted sheet for the mattress. It was very fortuitous having a clean deck (well it was mostly clean after I swept it. Just one to two spots of bird poop) to use as a hard surface to lay out the mattress sandwich. First the sheet, then the mattress, then the memory foam and mattress cover so I can wrap the sheet over all the layers to fit it correctly.

Side Story: Did you notice the mattress on the picnic table in the background??? The mattress is on the table drying out the bottom side. The story behind that is I was working on the mattress, the wind came up and since according to SailFlow, there was going to be enough wind for sailing from 12 noon to 3pm, we left the mattress with the fitted sheet adjustments where it was - and went sailing. What's important after all! Sail flow was correct - we had a nice breeze and turned around @ 230pm, sailed for 30 min more, turned on the motor - turned it off again - and restarted the motor for the final 3 miles. When we came back the side of the mattress and sheet that was next to the deck was damp. Duh!

My adjustments will work fine, though is not something I would ask someone to pay me money to do for them! But it beats tucking all the extra fabric at the short end and it looks good on top. I also cut the corners of the top sheet and put a hem in to prevent raveling.
I'm getting this done today so that we can sleep on the boat tonight. Boy! Am I looking forward to trying out how it feels with the memory foam. While it was on the deck, a test drive felt pretty good.

Here is the closet insert that Phil made in the dock box ready for me to put my clothes in. Our goal is to move onto the boat next weekend. Lots to do before then and 2 Memorial Day picnics to go to too!


  1. He did a nice job on your mini-closet :-)

  2. Thanks, I'll pass that on. Will be moving more clothes into it by the end of the week.