Sunday, June 27, 2010

Phil has left Burmuda

Sunday, June 27
Weather: raining (Thurderstorm warning) and 83F, 76%humidity, Dew Point 75.
Worse of thunderstorm going south of Grand River, OH

Phil called me from Burmuda about 1pm (2pm his time) They were getting ready to leave about an hour after his call. He got down there ok, is doing ok, and has the starboard berth with a lee cloth, so is happy that he got the same berth as last year. Captain Dave and his son will share the aft cabin and the rest is divided between the remaining 2 crew members. The watch scheduled is 2 hours on and 6 hours off, the crew is experienced, so this will be more cushy then other transports that he has done. That's good. I hope he can get a chance to relax and destress a little.

Because they are returning from the Newport to Burmuda race, there is a web sight ( that we can use to track where they are. You can track them to by clicking on their boat name Attitude. If this link doesn't work click on and click on Race Tracking - the link is in red on the left of the web page. Then click on "Track yachts returning from Burmuda" and then select Attitude as the boat. It's great because it tells how fast they are traveling and the coordinates of where they are and there is a link to see it on Google Maps. We used this last year and I really liked being able to tell this information! Phil is expecting that they will get to Cape Cod by Thursday and home on Friday for July 4th weekend if everything goes well.. The weather is the best they've had in a number of years, so that's good too. I have that Monday off, so we'll see if we can cruise to Ashtabula or not. If we can, will be the only long weekend before we leave.

Katie and I went to the Chardon Home for the last time. Lee Booth and Jack Pavlesich said that I should go back and get the 501 Singer sewing machine (Lee & Jack are trying to get me in trouble, inside joke) air tank and the few items in the workshop that I wanted to keep. We then went to Kay's house and put the wooden chairs in the loft area and the rest in the horse stall. I also took some of the food stored there and have it in the horizontal dock box. Katie and I went to Walmart to pick up the 2 crates I needed (thanks for reminding me Katie) and we got lunch there also. While we were inside Walmart - there was a heavy rain storm - could really hear it on the roof. Lucky for us, it was sunny when we had to go outside again.

George and Pat are back from their cruise - too bad they weren't able to eat at Molly and OJ's as there was a family wedding, so it was closed. We had a nice time chatting with them after their return.

With the rain that came, GRYC has emptied out - only the live-aboards and Lee and Betty Booth remain and they are staying the night tonight as it's closer for where she works in the summer. I'll be going to get my shower soon and then start cooking supper. We got some black rice (Forbidden Rice from China) that Katie's interested in having, boneless chicken thighs and some corn on the cob we got from a roadside stand. I also got 2 med zucchini squash and some new baby red skin potatoes that we can grill/cook for supper tomorrow.


  1. OH…MY…GOSH!!
    I was going thru my adr book the other day to update info from some amateur radio friends, and I came across Phil’s listing. I wondered how he was doing, and if he was still into sailing…well, I guess so!! You see, my wife Carol, had fulfilled one of her teenage dreams late last year by buying a 1977 Catalina 30. Since then, this boat has consumed our lives- mine because I needed to understand all of her systems and get it up to current standards and reliable condition. We’ve been working on her since last August and now have established higher confidence in her and ourselves, but honestly we really are still only ordinary sea persons. After we bought the boat, I could not help but remember when Phil invited me aboard his brand new 34 foot yacht. I was too clueless then to appreciate what he had, but now would be awed to see Changes. Anyway, we keep our boat in a slip in Westbrook, CT, and I think it would be great to re-establish contact with you folks. Best way to reply to me is via Who am I? Chet Slabinski, an old college friend. Radio callsign is N8RA. Laura, I take it you are dong the blogging, and Phil is off to Bermuda, so please pass this message on to him. Fair winds, following seas, and good wine when anchored!

  2. Great to connect with you again and hope that we can meet. You can reach Phil @ I'm curious how you found our blog? This is Lorraine, his new wife, not Laura writing the blog.